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May 15, 2012

It Is May in Indy…And Most Are Headed For The 500!

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So far the half-a-month of May at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is quite compelling. The weather so far has been Chamber of Commerce perfect, and several really great stories are emerging. SFHR is making a splash with emerging American stars Josef Newgarden and Brian Clauson right at the top of the speed charts. The new car is coming into its own and even the trials and tribulations of Lotus makes a good story.

It is always a great day when spent at the track, and is time off work well spent. It is even easy to overlook most of the negative aspects that have begun to assault those of us with deep respect for legacy and tradition. Perhaps the most outwardly egregious example is the advertising going up on the walls of the track. To me that management decision is just like becoming a pimp for your daughters. The overall lack of maintenance at the track makes it even more tawdry. Why not save such aberrant behavior for an event where that type of sleaze is acceptable, like the Brickyard 400? Wonder whether the Pope would ever sign off on a Shell sign inside the Sistene Chapel?

But that is beside the point. I have 11.5 other months to gripe about neglect and lack of respect for tradition. It is mid-May and is the most wonderful time of the year to be an Indy Car fan. So far what I am seeing on the track is pretty distant from disappointing.

If you are lucky enough to attend most every day stop and say hello. 


  1. Attended practice on Saturday and also enjoyed the car show. Fortunately I did not notice the advertising. The crowd was big enough that most of the infield parking in turn 3 looked pretty full by 2:00.

    The weather could not have been more perfect. Most of the cars running saturday were in the 214-217 range, although a couple hit 219. The speed is a problem in itself as I’ve mentioned before because Indy is speed. A qualifying speed of about 222 or so should not be acceptable.

    That new car is ugly. In the pictures of the bumpers I had not noticed the tail fins before. These cars look like the batmobile cars from the 90’s movies. On the front of the sidepods is what we were calling a little wing because it reminded us of little birds who have injured their wing and it kind of sticks out. Not attractive. We can only be thankful that the F1 cars are worse.

    The lack of respect for the IMS goes back to the whole issue in the early 90’s. Now the family is keeping the money tight while they see how this new Indy car league plays out. I do think much of this will pass, and sanity will return to Indycar, whether voluntarily or through a third….

    Stopped at the Mug-N-Bun on the way home. Had learned about it from another blogger. Speedway should be proud of it. The root beer is the best. A new tradition was born for us.

    I’ll be up there saturday for qualifications, making it 27 Pole days I’ve attended. What area do you typically sit Defender?
    Editor’s Note: Usually E-Penthouse.

    Comment by Bob F. — May 15, 2012 @ 12:36 pm | Reply

  2. Got the live streaming of practice on at work. 12-6pm EST. Got butterflies for the 27th…

    Comment by Tony Dinelli — May 15, 2012 @ 1:47 pm | Reply

  3. I guess it’s just me and Mr. Dallara, but I like the car. The idea of signage bothered me for half a second, but advertising is everywhere now so I don’t care. At least IMS is not called Taco Bell Motor Speedway Presented by 5 Hour Energy. Yet. As far as upkeep goes, I seem to remember visiting (quickly) some pretty funky restrooms back in the ’70’s, not sure they could be much worse.

    Comment by redcar — May 15, 2012 @ 5:04 pm | Reply

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