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June 25, 2012

The Crybabies Behind The Wheels of IndyCar

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A lot of them spend an inordinate amount of time trying to turn races into fast parades. First it was doing away with double wide restarts. Now it about allowing green-green-green acceleration to occur between turns three and four so that strung out cars in the back do not get a run. Wonder what they would do in a standing start situation, where fanning out and bonzai passing is the norm? I find myself longing for the kind of actual racing we saw in the early part of the last decade.

As an aside, the Barnhart haters have discovered the steward replacement, Beaux Barfield, is human after all. The absolute most hilarious drivel that consistently emanates from the jowls of the Indy Car-obsessed howlers usually has to do with either 12+ overnight audience estimates or the job performance of the steward. The observations are always laughable.

Randy Bernard has been keeping a low profile lately. It appears he has discovered the part of his job that has to do with handling a big bag of snakes. Frankly, he has not seemed like the same person since Dan Wheldon’s accident. His job is not getting any easier, either. After the champcar-like failure of an overseas event in China, the schedule will stay at only 15 events this season. The one venue that might have made sense given the short notice might have been a piggyback with ALMS at Road America, but I have a feeling the whole money thing probably put the kebosh on that.

We can look forward to a new 500-miler at Fontana, and with any luck at all we will have a triple crown next year. Pocono would be as nice as Michigan. They had best not throw Texas away. It would also be nice to see Kentucky re-added to the mix, and new ovals. Memphis seems like a natural, and I would do it in early May.

It is sort of a hiatus now as the series sort of disappears for a while. Next year we should never go more than two weeks without an event and they should always be accessible on television and in person. Maybe we will start seeing new types of fencing. IMS is putting research money behind an effort to look into it. We should probably wait for the rollout then watch NASCAR take credit for it.



  1. So the failure of the indycar series to not pull off the race in China is “champcar-like”, in your own words.
    Editor’s Note: Yes. Very much so.

    I guess then, using your own logic, the 500 miler at Fontana and all the buzz around the possibility of a future triple crown is Cart-like then, seeing as that is something done back in the golden-era of Cart.
    Editor’s Note: Your guess is indicative of abject stupidity. The possibility of a triple crown harkens back to days well before cart existed. The original Indy Car triple crown began in ’71. cart was so popular they closed Ontario in 1980. cart was also responsible for bagging Pocono. So an old school pre-cart IndyCar triple crown is certainly a good thing.

    The rest of your blog is as usual, not based in reality, but in your own opinion. Barnhart and his very dubious/silly decisions made the series look very amateur. Barfield had made a few mistakes, but he has also been quick to admit to them, and remedy them as best he can.
    Editor’s Note: So, if I understand your meandering defensiveness, Brian Barnhart bad decisions make the series look bad; Beaux Barfield bad decisions get a free pass. LOL.

    You say you long for the days of actual racing you saw back in the early part of the decade? So you prefer all the cars being basically spec, with drivers basically being foot to the floor throttle for the whole race?
    Editor’s Note: I rarely buy into the stereotyping of road racing idiots. Those of us who actually attended such races are smarter than that.

    Did you see the past race in Texas, and all the positive reaction to it by everyone? Again, state that it is your sole opinion, and no one will have a problem with it. You do not speak for the masses (errr, last few thousand) of open wheel fans, just a few who were blinded by the TG-era and his failed visions.
    Another quaint stereotype. I’m glad the road racing enthusiasts squatting in IndyCar enjoyed the Hanford-like race at Texas. I did to, but prefer the kind of balls-out racing we used to have before crybabies got behind wheels, you know, the kind of racing the clueless critics deride as stab-n-steer and other dismissals borne of sheer ignorance.

    As for Bernard and your comment that he has not been the same since the death of Wheldon…would you if you were in Randy’s shoes?
    Editor’s Note: I would have continued the race AND returned this year. Death has been a part of the sport since it began, and it is safer than it has ever been. Too many people have taken to wearing frilly lace panties.

    You lauded andretti jr. in your last post, yet he put on an attraction that was more indicative of a street festival, the kind CCWS used to put on. To be noted it was also done over the course of two days, while back in the day, it was a very succesful three-day event devoid of gimmicks used to sell tickets. A little bit biased to suit your agenda dare is say? Also not, you brought up the subject of champcar with your subtle jab in your original post, so when you do so, you invite like-wise critique.
    Editor’s Note: The difference is Andretti did it at a legendary oval venue, something I have long advocated. ccws does not matter. They killed themselves. Get past it.

    Comment by The Ayatollah — June 26, 2012 @ 12:41 am | Reply

    • Hey D, regarding the China race…I find the irl failures to be very irl like. Quit obsessing over Champcar, the irl as a long way to climb up to get to their level.
      Editor’s Note: Curious ‘logic’ there, pal. A) cart/champcar actually DID fail, twice, and B) IndyCar officially changed its corporate identit from that acronym a few years back. Try to keep up with actual facts.

      Comment by J.B. — June 26, 2012 @ 2:52 pm | Reply

  2. As for Bernard and your comment that he has not been the same since the death of Wheldon…would you if you were in Randy’s shoes?
    Editor’s Note: I would understand that auto racing is potentially a life threatening sport for competitors and fans. Unfortunate deaths have been a part of the sport for well over 100 years. The sport has never been safer. The death of a competitor should not grinnd things to a halt.

    Comment by kia indianapolis — June 27, 2012 @ 7:33 am | Reply

  3. Road racing is as exciting as a colonoscopy.

    Comment by spreadoption — June 29, 2012 @ 2:08 am | Reply

  4. Mr. Disciple, why is Indycar doing so pitifully with TV ratings? 0.18 at Iowa and they had 2-3 hours lead-in TV coverage.

    I know you dismiss the ratings as vanity, but they do indicate Indycar is not very popular. Even on network TV in a prime timeslot. Im very concerned.
    Editor’s Note: ‘Pitifully’ is a subjective label, usually by the ignorant. IndyCar is doing better than most similarly sized sports and entertainment entities. The expectations of the critics usually far outweigh anything that could be considered realistic.

    Comment by Goran Liddy — June 29, 2012 @ 6:51 pm | Reply

    • Hey Disciple, i noticed you have not had much to say lately…i guess not much to your liking lately in IndyCar.
      Editor’s Note: You guessed wrong again. Lots of work projects occupying my time.

      Want to talk “realistic” then…take a look at the Toronto race. There used to be 50,00 plus on a Friday (a work day), as well as 50-60,000 on the Saturday and Sunday. Now, even with a “Free Friday” promotion, the attendance is down severely for the day. Saturday’s have trended down even worse, as no one wants to pay (here is the irony…attendance has dropped, yet ticket prices have gone up for the most part) to watch/attend this event. How many grandstands have either been either completely taken away (turn 5-6 i believe), or drastically reduced (silver grandstands and hospitality suites at turn 1). This is not specific to Toronto as well, as we have seen this at Long Beach and pretty much all other tracks. Canada is a major market for the series, and it’s events here used to be well attended, and the support the series’ gets from Canadian fans used to be very strong…not too good to see all that waning. The support even in the USA is starting to drop, as evidenced by lack of sponsors. Talking to a few teams yesterday in TO, i don’t think it has ever been cheaper to slap a sponsor sticker on a car than it is now. Overall morale is pretty low amongst the teams.

      These facts are not “expectations of the critics”, or posted by the “ignorant”. To be honest, only an ignorant person would ignore them, or use excuses to avoid them. The disturbing trend has even hit your fabled track, Indy.
      Editor’s Note: ‘I Love Lucy’ used to draw 70+ ratings. Not any more. Lucy and Ricky are both dead. There is this phenomenon called ‘evolution.’ It does not matter what kind of numbers anything drew over a decade ago. It is not relevant. It is nostalgic. Concentrate on what is important.

      Chiding ‘my fabled track’ for anything but greatness is stupid. It draws more people than any other race and gets open wheels best ratings of the year. Get real.

      Comment by The Ayatollah — July 7, 2012 @ 1:54 pm | Reply

      • Wow, that was the weakest response you have ever come back with, and i have seen many weak posts/replies from you over the years. Indycars and I Love Lucy have not one thing to do with one another, so no comparisons are there…
        Editor’s Note: The point has once again eluded your grasp. Television that was on over a decade ago has little relevance today.

        BUT. If you wish to draw some similarities, Lucy and Ricky are both dead, as you have stated, and for the better part of the last decade or so, Indycar has for all intents and purposes, been dead as well.
        Editor’s Note: By what whacko logic? The only series with toe tags is cart. Twice.

        Evolution entails moving forward, making progress all the while, which clearly, has not happened. Millions have seen Indycar go from being considered as just being outside of the “Big Four” sports (baseball, football, basketball and hockey), to being a niche sport on the same level as spelling bees and bowling. Evolution…sure buddy!
        Editor’s Note: ‘Big Four’ my ass. IndyCar has always maintained the same relative position in the pecking order. Leave the fantasizing to your bed sheets at night. You will be a lot happier.

        You keep making excuses, never ever admitting the truth, that your fabled hero and his vision, have led us to where we are today. Maybe we would have seen the series get here on it’s own accord anyways, as CART had it’s own issues to be sure, but your boy and your hollowed grounds, have caused most of this. I find it funny, that most of the team employees i have talked too this past year at various races, have all said that while INDY still remains a spectacle, and the big race of Indycars, it has fallen far from it’s stature as the crown jewel race of all series. Most have stated that while it stills draws big crowds, nowhere near as much as before.
        Editor’s Note: Obviously you do not attend. You draw conclusions based upon ignorance.

        Once again…EVOLUTION my aunt fanny! You say it draws the biggest crowds, and yes it is true, but all crowds at all tracks have seen drastic drops in attendance in the last decade, inclusive of INDY. “Gets open wheel racings best ratings of the year” you claim…in North America only. While we are talking North America, Nascar’s Daytona 500 gets the biggest ratings for American races. As for open wheel racing, the Indy500 ratings are not king…Formula One races get better ratings! Keep talking out your rather large and frumpy backside tubs.
        Editor’s Note: It’s been that way since well before the IRL came along, son.

        I do not even know why i try and banter with you anyways, would probably have much more fun looking at that picture of your fat wife you posted while at a concert awhile back on a forum not to be named.
        Editor’s Note: That statement proves your ignorance. How about this: One million dollars in cash if you or any of your chubby chasing buddies can provide any concrete proof the lady in that picture is, or ever has been, my wife. I have a feeling your abject stupidity will remain intact.

        Comment by The Ayatollah — July 10, 2012 @ 2:16 am

    • What a bunch of hooey. Name the sports doing better. Defending the 0.18 ratings with mumbojumbo. 0.18 sucks no matter anyway you look at it. Indycar sucks.
      Editor’s Note: At least you are honest about your obsession. Just about any stick and ball sport does better, but they always have.

      Comment by Goran Liddy — July 8, 2012 @ 12:42 am | Reply

  5. “Overall morale is pretty low amongst the teams.” LOL. TFF. You wouldn’t know this without seeing it in person. Obviously you haven’t.

    Comment by Bob Up — July 9, 2012 @ 1:05 pm | Reply

  6. since 2012 IndyCar TV ratings haven’t reached an average 1.0 (so far), in your opinion:
    1. will the remaining races reach a 0.9 rating *combined*?
    2. will IZOD cut their losses and get out before next year?
    3. will NBC/Versus leave, too?
    and why or why not for all three above?
    Editor’s Note: Question 1…No. Those 12+ overnight estimates are reflective of the vast majority of sports and entertainment programming on cable. Question 2…No. They are contracted for the next few. I suspect they will honor the deal. Question 3…No. They also have a deal, and they value IndyCar.

    Comment by turkeydance — August 30, 2012 @ 2:25 am | Reply

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