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July 11, 2012

IndyCar: One Thing Most Fans Want…

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Curt Cavin of the Indianapolis Star included a blurb in his brief pundit notes that aero kits for the 2012 Indy Cars are likely to not to be included next season, either. That means two seasons without one of the fundamental aspects of the car spec’d by the ICONIC committee. Team owners cite costs as the reason. Randy Bernard appears to be on the verge of bending over again.

In my patterns of thought, how can such a decision be considered anything other than failure?

How about this idea? What is wrong with making aero kits optional for 2013? You can develop and use them if you want, but if you do not want just use the factory installed version. Why is a decision even necessary? I know, Penske and Ganassi will exploit it. What else is new?  They win anyway in 100% spec cars.

So much for what the fans want.


July 10, 2012

IndyCar Is Going Strong!

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Several folks have written to ask if the lack of regular blogs is a sign my interest in the sport is waning. The answer is no. My occupation has kept me chained mostly to the media outlets of New York, not to mention getting another home conditioned for the bride and I. Airplanes are still capable of getting me to events, and the ones to which I cannot go are on television.

Over the past few weeks post-Indy, a few things stand out. Ryan Hunter-Reay is turning out to be the star whose potential was widely known. Several other Americans are on the cusp, like Josef Newgarden. That is refreshing. Ganassi and Penske are no longer as dominant. The new car has proven racier than expected. At Toronto the top 10 was represented by ten different teams. Conway at Foyt even got on the podium.

Once racing fans get past genital waving for dead series the story lines are as compelling as they ever have been. Of course to most idiots on the internet, the entire sport is on the verge of collapse. I beg to differ. To me it looks bright. The color added by the internal problems that have always plagued the sport just makes it familiar.

Randy Bernard looks like a defeated man these days and that is a shame. If I were him I would take the approach the fictional character Donny Donowitz did in the movie Inglourious Basterds. Take a baseball bat to the heads of those causing the most trouble. As usual, that group is owners. They are quick to point out that without them there is no sport. They are correct, but they can be easily replaced. There should never be any battle for control. The owner concern about cost overruns is legitimate, and that is a problem that should solved.

The flat earth critics still residing in 1995 have concocted yet another of their cutesy wet dream fantasies that have the taxpayers of Indiana being screwed to benefit Dallara and workers in Italy. If we used their ‘logic’ and applied their grandstanding outrage in a general sense we would have to demand that Toyota, Subaru and Honda close their plants in the state of Indiana. Idiots.

Among the things to which we are looking forward: The remainder of the schedule including a 500 miler at Fontana and the announcement of 2013 schedule. If Texas Motor Speedway is not on it there is going to be trouble.

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