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October 8, 2012

The Problem With Some Of The Racing Folk Who ‘Use’ Twitter

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Over the weekend NASCAR/racing reporter Jenna Fryer sent out a tweet from Talladega that re-stirred the mostly settled pot over the supposed ‘Indy Car for sale and Randy Bernard out’ rumors. That rumor last week sent most reporting entities, most of whom being too lazy/uninclined/untalented enough to actually look into it, into a rumor propagation frenzy that would make an old ladies bridge club proud. All she typed was ‘What I learned today, re: IndyCar: Where there’s smoke there is fire.’

There is the primary problem with Twitter. You have someone who is supposedly a reporter acting like the queen of the seventh grade cheerleading squad. If that tweet had been delivered from her mouth, it no doubt would have been sing-songy, and preceded with something like ‘I know something you don’t….ha ha ha ha haaa ha.’ When I was in the seventh grade we had a word for those kind of girls, and it began with the letter ‘C.’ That’s right. We thought they were CRAZY.

An even deeper question might involve why a NASCAR writer at one of their signature tracks after the Indy Car season has ended is rumor mongering like that to begin with. Are there not enough actual NASCAR stories to tell? If Jenna actually is a writer or reporter and sees fire in smoke, why would she not write what she ‘knows’ with appropriate attribution? You know, things real reporters actually do. Can you imagine what might have happened had Woodward and Bernstein tweeted instead of actually investigating then pounding out exactly what they uncovered for hours on their Smith Coronas?

Don’t be confused by the message. If something actually does exist, despite on the record denials by the people who own the series and the owners supposedly involved, why can’t someone supposedly tuned in actually write about it after thoroughly investigating? It’s a lot easier, I suppose, to rumor monger. It is just not very mature or professional. My message/challenge to supposedly professional writers who have attached themselves to this rumor, a rumor with no more actual substance than the average fart, is to go investigate then present facts. Leave the cutesy seventh grade behavior for seventh graders.



  1. The closest thing I’ve seen was in the Street and Smiths Sports Journal on October 1

    “The board of Hulman & Co., owners of the IndyCar Series, is weighing an acquisition proposal for the open-wheel-racing operation, according to people familiar with the matter. Former IndyCar Series CEO Tony George has put together an investor group that includes some of the sport’s top team owners — Chip Ganassi, Roger Penske, Michael Andretti and Kevin Kalkhoven — as well as motorsports marketer Zak Brown that recently proposed the board sell them the IndyCar Series. The group has hired the Midwest-based law firm Faegre Baker Daniels and begun a financial due diligence evaluation of the series.”

    Of course, all sides deny anything is going on. But if Tony George is involved, we know he will have a lot of influence with Hulman and Co. The thought of the owners running things makes my stomach sour.

    Comment by Bob F. — October 8, 2012 @ 12:30 pm | Reply

  2. You ask “…why would she not write what she ‘knows’ with appropriate attribution?” Maybe she was given something as background. Maybe she is trying to shake loose an attributable quote from someone. I’m a supporter of Randy so I really hope there is no smoke and no fire, but even with the repeated denials this story just won’t go away. Indycar doesn’t need this kind of intrigue.
    Editor’s Note: What it and the entire IndyCar community DOES need is someone with the talent and ability to flesh out and professionally report a story. Not tweet a rumor.

    Comment by Chris Lukens — October 8, 2012 @ 4:10 pm | Reply

  3. Amen to all that. The Ed note to Chris’ comment sums my thoughts up neatly. No more gossipy nonsense, no more “I talked to Mike Hull’s sister-in-law’s cousin’s neighbor’s friend” crap. If there are hard facts out there, report them. If there aren’t, act like an adult and shut up so we can all get on with our lives without needlessly worrying about stuff that has a 0.01% chance of happening. This means Fryer, Miller, Pruett and whoever else has been parading around claiming to know more than those of us outside the paddock while never actually telling us anything. Knock it off. Or go on record with something factual. Either way.

    Comment by The Speedgeek — October 8, 2012 @ 6:57 pm | Reply

  4. To be accurate Jenna Fryer is not a “NASCAR writer.” She is an Associated Press sportswriter who covers auto racing (NASCAR, IndyCar and any other sport with car in it). Big difference.
    Editor’s Note: That is true, but she tweeted a disspelled rumor from one of NASCAR’s big events. That is tawdry.

    Comment by spreadoption — October 11, 2012 @ 4:23 am | Reply

    • No, Mr. Editor, what she tweeted was an opinion derived from her reporting. And it makes do difference where she is standing when she tweeted. I’m sure John Clayton has tweeted about the NFL from a baseball game, Peter King has tweeted while sitting on his toilet and the AP reporter in question has tweeted about NASCAR while at an Indycar track. This is the techynology era. You can work the phones easily these days.
      Editor’s Note: I understand technology. I also understand what constitutes professional behavior for those in the media. Using ‘techynology’ as an excuse for tawdry behavior does not make such tweeting any more professional. It makes her no different than an old lady at a table in a bridge club.

      Comment by spreadoption — October 17, 2012 @ 5:32 pm | Reply

  5. Well Disciple/Defender, whatever you call yourself, i think you should man up and post an apology to Jenna Fryer. In your own words, you stated what she tweeted was a dispelled rumor, and that she was unprofessional, yadda, yadda…drivel from you as usual.

    Well, looks like you have been made to look the fool. Curt Cavin, Robin Miller, and quite a few others have reported that in fact, an offer from one Tony George and a few others, including some owners, has been made and presented to the board at IMS. What say you now jack-ass?

    I know, I know…lazy, unethical, learn to spell. learn to read, childish, blah, blah. You are so far behind anyways reporting this stuff..almost like you copy and paste days-old articles and try to pass them off as if you are a big shot. You constantly talk about evolution, about evolving. Take your own advice, evolve from the knuckle-dragging overweight buffoon you are, and welcome to the present.

    What is funny is that Tony George once stated he thinks owners should not be running the sport, and yet now he eagerly yearns to play in the sand with them. Tony George should stay away from Indy Cars period. He ruined the sport, reducing it to where it is now a niche series. Randy Bernard is doing the best he can, and should be allowed to continue to try and turn around the series. Reading various forums all over the internet, seems the common opinion of most is that they will not support a series with Tony George back in charge.
    Editor’s Note: Get back to me once you develop any ability whatsoever to comprehend things you stupidly believe you read. Jenna Fryer owes intelligent people an apology. Using Twitter to tease with fence post gossip is sleazy, whether it turns out to be ‘true’ or not. It is the kind of behavior that typifies a seventh grader. What is the only thing that is officially on the record by any of the principals? ‘The Indy Car Series is not for sale.’ Try to grasp actual facts, kid. I would also attempt to advance emotionally beyond the ‘Tony George ruined everything’ mental and emotional retardation that typifies your ilk and look in the mirror. Grow up.

    Comment by Fred Flinstone — October 19, 2012 @ 3:05 am | Reply

    • Well, once again, you have made yourself look like a fool…effective immediately, Tony George resigned his position on the IMS Board Of Directors, stating that it is best due to his involvement with a group that had recently expressed trying to purchase the series. So while there technically may or may not have been an actual offer, there was definitely a group that was put together that went through the process of due diligence, and Tony George was part of it.

      Your reporting of your biased opinions, not facts, is what i call juvenile, on a level of a sixth grader. Try growing up yourself, not outwards. As well, do not ever call me kid again idiot, you are not in any position to lecture me, and i would not listen to you anyways, as i have zero respect for windbags!
      Editor’s Note: When will this lack of respect translate to just letting it go? LOL. Oh, and get back to me when the series, which is not for sale, is sold.

      Comment by Fred Flinstone — October 19, 2012 @ 10:57 pm | Reply

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