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October 23, 2012

IndyCar Silly Season Keeps Getting Sillier

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The one thing on which any and everyone who is even remotely a racing fan can count when the subject is IndyCar or the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is that the family in charge will always make the most inexplicably stupid and counterproductive decision they possibly can each and every time.

Given all the tweeting and rumor mongering by gossipy writers over the whole Tony George effort to regain control, the obsessed remain glued to social and other media. Curt Cavin of the Indianapolis Star offered three additional rumors, all from ‘well placed and informed’ individuals. His fence post gossip choices:

  1. Anton gets control by Friday.
  2. Randy Bernard is out.
  3. Ownership and direction remains unchanged.

What is the most stupid, counterproductive thing that could possibly occur? Tony George back in charge and Randy Bernard out. So that is likely what will happen. There would be flowery press releases offering sound bites with no substance, and zero explanation from anyone.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the fan base that has not already been alienated would not get left out, and would likely finally leave leaving a few hundred mostly older demos to watch and attend all the races.

Look, I admire and respect Tony George and deeply feel as though he should be the guy in charge of IMS. I firmly believe he was born to do that job. The reality of any possibility, however remote, that he could return to the helm of IndyCar has a lot of folks spooked. We can always count on idiots to be idiots; e.g., the delinquent shrieking on Randy Bernard’s Facebook page about the ‘imbecile,’ ‘FTG,’ ‘moron,’ etc., and other childish epithet tossing. The problem in real life is that most racing enthusiasts have the same sentiment, even though most are more mature than acting like 2nd graders on the Internet. Many others have deluded themselves into a belief that Tony George is the anti-Christ.

None of that ever matters to either IMS or IndyCar. They have a long history of saying fans mean everything but acting just the opposite, usually with no explanation or discernible logic. Why should this be any different? The one thing that could kill the sport once and for all is for Tony to end up back in charge. Not because he would do a bad job, but because of the baggage. He could be anointed the second coming of Christ and not make a dent. 99% of the racing press have pilloried the guy for nearly 30 years, and many times it gets personal. That is why the Tony takeover is so plausible, simply because it would defy all sense.

This is the best silly season in history.


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  1. Its amazing to go to some of the websites like Speed and see the Tony George Derangement Syndrome in full force. A bunch of idiots threatening never to go to another race if Tony George has some control. They all love Indycar racing, of course, but will let it die if George has any say. I guess they hate Tony George more than they love Indycar.

    Sadly there is no split this time. So really no excuse even if George gets control. But they are the same as they were in 1996. Some things never change.

    I cannot imagine George resigning his position on the board unless its a done deal.

    Things could be worse. The Bengals Mike Brown might be buying the series. That really would be the end.

    Comment by Bob F. — October 25, 2012 @ 1:54 pm | Reply

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