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February 1, 2013

A Talent Scout Contribution For IndyCar Teams in 2013

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Esteban GuerrieriThe 2013 IndyCar season is drawing closer. There remain cars without drivers and drivers without cars. The game of musical chairs that gets played around this time of the year every year can be maddening. Usually the problem is sponsorship. Either the owners can’t find enough or the driver does not bring enough. Add to that the artificially limited supply of motors by Honda and Chevrolet and many find themselves in a pickle. Right now Honda is a couple of entrants behind Chevy, so Honda teams may be the best place for someone with funding to buy a ride.

IEsteban2f I were a team owner and I wanted a really good racing driver who has paid dues and gotten better each year, and perhaps even brought a little funding from his home country, my first choice would be Esteban Guerrieri of Argentina. He came close last year to taking the Lights title and won the Freedom 100. He has an ability to remain close, take care of the equipment and seize opportunities on the track when they arise. He can perform on all types of courses. His only problem is that he has been overshadowed the past couple of seasons by drivers who did get opportunities.

If I had decent funding and could advise Esteban, I would have him call on Rahal first. Bobby and crew give such drivers opportunity, and Argentinian money spends as well as any other. My belief is that Graham and Esteban would make great teammates. Coyne might be a good fit as well. If Conquest came back that might be another opportunity. How about becoming a teammate again with Newgarden on Sarah’s team? Even Foyt presents interesting possibilities.

There are a lot of talented drivers walking around with helmets in hand, but Esteban Guerrieri presents some of the best compelling possibilities. If someone hires the guy they can probably expect good things.


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  1. Esteban won the Freedom 100 from last place, in only 40 laps, many of which were run under caution. I hope something happens for him.

    Comment by Roadrage — February 5, 2013 @ 11:05 pm | Reply

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