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February 11, 2013

IndyCar Obsessed: Have You Swallowed Your Bitter Pill Today?

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Gordon KirbyOne of the more crusty ex-CART employee writers still stuck in a time warped vacuum, Gordon Kirby, unleashed what might have been a really good blog post on his website the other day in which he mined quotes from one of the more successful Indy Car crew chiefs from the past, Jim McGee. Getting to the ‘meat’ of the blog takes a little effort, but is easily captured.

Spec racing is bad. Sealed engine leases are bad. Build-your-own stock blocks is good. Bring back innovation and diversity. Four really good points. Hardly anyone disagrees on most levels with the premise of them. The problem is they are surrounded by twenty five paragraphs of hissy fit. The other twenty four are mostly a pointless re-splash of water long under a bridge in the bitter, negative style used both by ignorant twisty squatters darkly obsessed with IndyCar (and deposed CART employees) and by senile now departed grandparents.

The Sky Is FallingDespite McGee’s valid points, Kirby manages to frame some of Jim’s words and themes to fit his own curmudgeonly talking points.

  • ‘It is sad to see what has happened over the past ten or more years.’
  • ‘IT’S GOING TO CRATER’ aka ‘the sky is falling….the sky is falling’
  • ‘The DW12 is not powerful enough.’
  • ‘The DW12 is ugly’

Take CoverI wonder if he understands how out of step he is with contemporary society? The first sentence decries how ‘frustrated old-timers are with the sad state of IndyCar today.’ Not surprising given that he includes a quote in the header from another old-timer who actually did die. Kirby laments how ratings have dwindled compared to twenty years ago without the vaguest notion that ratings for the vast majority of everything on television has dwindled as well. This ‘end is near’ sign waving continues all the way to last sentences that shriek about the ‘downward spiral’ and lack of effective leadership.

As usual, the commentary is long on bitching but short on practical solutions, other than wet dreams. Once you read through the teeth gnashing the only real point is the same as always with that bunch. We want control instead of allowing the Hulman-Georges to retain control. Like it or not, good luck with that in this century.


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  1. Hmmm… To each their own, I guess. I read the article and agree heartily with each and every paragraph! It’s beyond sad to see the ongoing joke that’s been masqueraded as Indycar over the past two decades. I don’t care if it was Tony George’s fault, CARTs fault, the Team Owner’s fault or the Tooth Fairy’s fault: the damage has well and truely been done and it’s become nothing more than an uninteresting spec series that doesn’t deserve – or get – any serious coverage anymore. One could weep when thinking back to the 80s and early 90s. The only pleasure I’ve derived from it these past few years is checking this blog every few weeks to read Dear Disciple’s somewhat unhinged rants… 🙂
    Editor’s Note: If you think the 80s and early 90s were something you should have seen the 1960s and early 70’s. Many CART cheerleaders just love to tell anyone within earshot how great they thought the 80s and 90s were, but that’s natural considering most of them did not start following the sport until after 1979. If I was that young I might delude myself into buying into that line of horseshit myself. But if folks like innovation, Americans, stature, etc., the 60’s and early 70’s offered it all. It was wondrous. Fortunately, as an actual racing fan, I have always followed the sport, and have never attended as many IndyCar races as I have over the past ten years. I also recognize that the entire world has changed in fundamental ways. IndyCar has a place, just perhaps not the place it has in the wet dreams of sycophants.

    Comment by Andrew — February 12, 2013 @ 9:38 am | Reply

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