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February 13, 2013

Finally, a Compelling National Enquirer-Type Story in IndyCar

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LookAtHerChestLookAtHerChestWonder whether it is a good idea for an average driver to sue an owner over a contract disagreement? That is what is playing out at the moment between Katherine Legge, her lawyers and Jay Penske. This escalated when Dragon Racing terminated Legge without a stated reason on January 18th then hired Sebastian Saavedra to take over the #6 TrueCar entry.

It does seem odd that TrueCar came with Legge as the poster girl for female drivers in a variety of motorsports disciplines. Roger Penske must have eaten some really spicy Mexican food and consumed a few too many Howdy Cowboymargaritas the night Jay was conceived, because although Jay is his direct descendant he has a wild, renegade streak that is uncharacteristic of his father. Jay is very successful in business in his own right and has shown some good things in building his racing team. There have been ups and downs, like two years ago whenever anyone climbed into the cars they found the wall shortly after. That said, Roger is approaching 80 and will not be around forever, and keeping a Penske with the Roger mindset involved in the sport for the next few decades seems imperative. Jay may not be that, but Tim Cindric seems well suited.

Legge even cites the 2012 Nantucket episode in which Jay and his brother were accused of the assault of a couple of meddling ladies who decided to stop and ask them why they were peeing outside in public. As every man knows when you have to go you have to go and it is difficult if not impossible to stop a strong stream mid-pee (particularly after hammering adult beverages for a period of time), and of course when he turned to answer some of the pee splashed her shoes. Guilt or presumed innocence aside, Legge says that set her back in the search for sponsorship with a female slant.

Nice MulletMy concern is not that she has a point, but how is going public going to help? She will never be the next Danica, and Saavedra may actually be an upgrade from a ride buying standpoint. In other words it will be hard enough for her to find a ride even with sponsorship and enthusiasm. And who would hire her if she is litigious? There are less than 25 regular seats in IndyCar. Is she one of the top 25? And although there are ride buyers in IndyCar, is she better than any of them?

It is impossible to determine at this point what might happen with the sponsorship. If TrueCar’s focus is women then Sebastian probably ought to attempt growing a vagina. Or, perhaps he could switch numbers with his new teammate who, for all we know, may already have one. If not, it appears lawyers will have to figure it out.



  1. I agree with just about everything in your post. The question now is; was Truecar’s contract with Kat or was it with J Penske, and Kat was just the intermediary bringing the contract to Penske. BUT…….I can not believe you would attempt to defend Jay Penske’s actions in Nantucket. If some drunk fratboy rich kid had pissed on your wife or daughter’s leg, I think your reaction would be different.
    Editor’s Note: Not really defending Jay’s actions…just speculating as to what happened. I’m not even sure if it made it to court. But yes, very few like golden showers. There are a few stories of one or two in IndyCar who might, but that’s for another day.

    Comment by Chris Lukens — February 14, 2013 @ 5:43 pm | Reply

  2. A little off topic here, but why don’t you choose to participate in “blogger night” with Curt Cavin and Kevin Lee? (Or have I just missed it?)I can think of many I have heard on there who make less sense and have a substantially different “perspective” on which they base their blogs. As much racing as you and I have seen (I’m guessing we’re pretty close to the same age,) I suspect your input might find a good bit of agreemetnt.
    Editor’s Note: I’d love to at some point; the ones they have had have been on nights when I was either out of town or otherwise predisposed. I listen to the podcasts later and there are some interesting folks out there.

    As to this post, you’re absolutely right: Ms. Legge will NEVER be the “next” Danica; Ms. Patrick was born with a mic in her face and a pair of parents who wanted it that way. As a result, while she is a better than average driver, she gets far more pub than she would if she was “just” a man.

    Comment by SkipinSC — February 14, 2013 @ 7:23 pm | Reply

  3. He is a jerk. He got arrested last summer and rightfully so. Sorry, there is no excuse to pee outside and there is no excuse to pee on a woman and yell ractial slurs at them while completely drunk and then break in to a yaught club. He and his brother were in front of a judge in October and they were ordered to do community service.

    Him doing this to Legge proves to me he is one of those guys with little respect for women.

    Comment by Jan — April 4, 2013 @ 6:10 pm | Reply

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