Defender of IndyCar

Indianapolis Motor Speedway For Sale and Other Whimsical Fantasy

Insanity 1Another annual just-before-springtime ‘tradition’ has begun unfolding. It is the time when days get longer, weather becomes unpredictable, and blithering idiots slither out of their holes to proclaim the sale of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is imminent.

One of the more recent nutjobs to shriek the claim with all the gusto he can muster in the blogosphere is some guy named Gary Welsh, who pens for some group called ‘Advance Indiana.’ Evidently they are angry that the state of Indiana is providing a glorified loan to IMS to gussy up the joint. This group also seems incapable of comprehending any sort of big picture. They are in the ‘Tony George group is buying it’ camp.

Insanity 3Another blogosphere insane person known as ‘Leoparente’ says NASCAR is on the verge of buying IMS. Other variations of the theme include Bruton Smith, Roger Penske or just about anyone else with money. Depending on the mentally crippled chicken little yelping the claim, estimates of ‘offers’ run anywhere from $10 million to one billion.

Even emotionally retarded cart enthusiasts whose basic evolution stalled a couple of decades ago have gotten into the act with such cockamamie theories as:

-It’s not for sale. It will be auctioned off.

Insanity 2-Kevin Kalkhoven is buying it.

-Mark Cuban is buying it.

-Tony George and some group of investors are buying it.

-Some oil-rich sheik from (insert the name of Middle Eastern nation here) is buying it.

The common themes in all of these wet dream fantasies include:

-The Hulman-George family is destitute because Tony spent all the money.

-Once Mari kicks the bucket the inheritance taxes will kill whatever is left.

Insanity 4-They must be broke – why else would they be nuzzling up to the government teat?

The problem is that anyone who cites things such as ‘well placed sources’ and such never provide any actual facts, just concocted scenarios that defy any sort of logic. It remains sort of easy to understand the hate on a second grade level. No one in the family is particularly adept at public speaking, and many have had off track life (and death) issues. Since Tony Hulman left the planet the propagation of his generational offspring seems littered here and there with a few additional chromosomes. Even though hate can be understood, the incomprehensible stupidity of the most vociferous critics is far more difficult.

Is a sale possible? Sure. Anything is. But if it ever happened it would not conform to the doomsday scenarios or arrangements littering cyberspace. My advice? Try to be racing fans, comprehend positive aspects of what we have, and enjoy the dysfunction that makes our branch of the sport so unique.

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