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Tony George Back In IndyCar Leadership; Deranged ‘Fans’ Flip Out

IndyCar founder Tony George became the 11th director on the board of Hulman & Company on Friday, five months after resigning to pursue a series acquisition effort with others. He was also voted to an at-large position on the IndyCar competition committee. Potentially the only bad decision IMS/IndyCar made was announcing it on the weekend of the season opening event. The dual announcements were predictably met with a Westboro Baptist Church-like cacophony of abject stupidity from ‘fans’ that have repeatedly stated they will never watch again but never actually go away.

17 years have gone by since Tony George decided to start what was designed to be a complementary series to cart that would not run on the same weekends. Unfortunately the powers that be at cart and their largely formula fan base freaked out and many have not stopped acting like screeching children since. Their levels of intelligence match their levels of maturity. Even though they and their preferred series bought the gasoline and the dynamite, lit the fuses, then began carpet bombing, napalm-style, anything and everything even remotely connected to IMS or IndyCar the only thing they actually killed was themselves. Twice. Then they stupidly blamed Tony George for ALL of their problems, always avoiding mirrors like vampires. Out there in the vacuum of empty thought that is the internet, incessant tirades about the latest return of Tony were swift:

Back On Board‘Ideally, I wish he just stayed away…’

‘Ugh. Just go away and stay there.’

‘Why does this guy have to keep causing trouble?’

‘Great, they got the conductor back to wave the baton at the front of the parade of stupid that is Hulman and Co.’

‘They reinstate a man who almost bankrupted the sport and helped kill its popularity. No thanks. They do know how divisive of a figure TG is right?’

‘He has not learned anything. He is untrainable.’

CrucifiedNot since Jesus Christ has one man been so crucified over fear, rampant misunderstanding of actual truth and misdirected blame assessment reflective of the failure of others. Worse, the kind of criticism to which we get subjected ad nauseum has no intellectual weight and is generally reflective of a level of maturity typically displayed by four-year-olds.

It is curious that folks who are generally the least qualified to manage any sort of business entity constantly spout off as if they could run the racing entities of Hulman & Company better than anyone they already have, especially Tony. Yet the people in charge (and most of the owners in the paddock) consistently value his participation.

Is it not time for the obsessed to stop clinging to the past and move forward? We have changed decades (and a century) since cart and its minions went nuclear on the sport. Enjoy the compelling product. One look at the top of the starting grid at St. Pete makes it appealing.

Above all, enjoy the season. If you say you hate it and won’t watch why not extend that philosophy (and courtesy) to inane, obsessive commentary about it as any actual adult would?

5 replies to “Tony George Back In IndyCar Leadership; Deranged ‘Fans’ Flip Out

  1. yet I only hear laughter when his name is mentioned. He’s a perfect fit for the IRL.(awesome crowd shots at St. Petes, by the way)
    Editor’s Note: The only folks who seem to laugh are the aforementioned internet idiots who paid more attention to laughing than saving their own series. Twice. Thanks for watching the race. Pretty entertaining.

  2. Oh man, lil defensive are we? We get it – you lust after Tony George, nothing wrong with that at all. Your responses to some random comments seems a little over the top and yes, childish. Perhaps its time to reread what you wrote in anger before you call the kettle black eh? Amusing to read but hard to take in any serious manner. Good luck with your bloggyblog. Bobbythebird
    Editor’s Note: Actually, you are very distant from getting it. Tony George is not an object of lust. I do not write things in anger. Over the top is good. It is difficult to believe anyone capable of a) reading, and b) coherent, sober thought might believe my commentary is childish given the high volume borderline illiterate fourth-grade level obsessive nonsense that gets tossed over my fence. LOL. It is as inane as the Tony George ridicule, which is the actual topic here. Let’s concentrate on TOPICS in the future.

  3. Your revisionist history of the past 17 years is comical. Only a hard-core bootlicker spews and/or believes that garbage.
    Editor’s Note: Revisionist history my backside. The pocket of vocal IMS haters left should embrace the institution that has given the sport its legitimacy for 100 years. One thing most of you have in common is brusque defensiveness and use of childish epithets such as ‘bootlicker.’In any event, thanks for reading.

  4. “Is it not time for the obsessed to stop clinging to the past and move forward?” Yes, please let it go, move on, and quit entertaining them.

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