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IndyCar’s Mark Miles Has Great Ideas, But One In Particular is Foolish

Hi My Name IsI like most of the ideas Mark Miles has proposed to move the IndyCar Series forward. He seems to have the confidence of most in the paddock for now (no one ever has that forever…repeated mutiny through the years is proof) and he is taking a systematic approach to incremental growth.

One idea that is really troublesome, however, is a notion a season ending road race at Indy would be worthwhile and profitable. Miles was jawing about that out in Long Beach. The problem with that idea is that it would dilute the 500. Racing fans of central Indiana already have three big events from which to choose, and many can only afford one.

Why not F1Better idea: Cultivate and build a legacy season closer. There is no reason why it can’t be the third leg of a real triple crown in a place like Fontana.

The only real effect of having an IndyCar twisty event at the end of the season: Relatively crappy attendance for both IndyCar events. Clearly this is clear indication Miles does not yet ‘get’ Indy.

Hopefully this bad idea gets relegated to the circular file. If they want a fall race on the road course get Formula One back. The state of Indiana offered to pay Bernie’s vig last time. Even that is a better idea.

10 replies to “IndyCar’s Mark Miles Has Great Ideas, But One In Particular is Foolish

  1. Mark won’t make the mistake of others and listen to the opinions of you and the rest of your ilk when it comes to making money for IMS. Since IMS is the underwriter of the whole sport, they will save on a track rental fee for the season closer. They will likely even draw a pretty good crowd and turn the season ender from a money loser into a money maker. Although with the timing of the event, it might take even more people from the poorly attended Brickyard 400. Mark seems like a smart guy and he knows people like you are bootlickers of all things IMS. He knows you will bitch and moan about it but come time for the IRL road course season ender, you will come running into the gates with your toungue hanging out. He could stand out on Georgetown Rd. on May 1st selling shit sandwiches under the name of Brickyard burger and you would come walking over, pluck down 5 bucks and eat away.
    Editor’s Note: Classy as usual complete with barely literate meandering, name calling and scatalogical ‘humor.’ Any chance you’ll actually grow up in this lifetime?

  2. Here we go with another kiss ass ‘yes man’ who’s only goal is to placate the Hulman-George board at the expense of kicking ass and doing what needs to be done to save this series…a road course race in the IMS infield, are you freaking serious? I bet this jackass ever experienced the dullness of having F1 beasts run that boring and uninspired course for 7 years…NASCAR gets the France family, F1 gets Bernie and we get these fools who have squandered the legacy of Parnelli, AJ, Mario, Ruby Lloyd, the Unsers, etc…when we the idiots at 16th and Georgetwon figure out that we need more ovals that are properly marketed and promoted for both TV and for fans in attendance…and bring back the best in road courses such as Road America, not the Indy infield…

  3. Maybe the .1rl can get Sammich to build one of those Hot Wheels IndyCars that does them high flying jumps. Hell, why build a special car? The flatbottom bloated fake airbox pieces of shit they have now will fly like a 747. They can build a big blaze orange ramp in the middle of the infields and get Al Miller Lite Jr. to drive it, since he “knows what Indy means.” To draw the crowd wanting to see death defying drivers perform feats of daring they can have the ramp go directly into the cheese grater fence. The EARL could really prosper from a gimmick like that. Nothing like flying machines and pieces on the ground to get the rednecks blood a boiling.
    Editor’s Note: Is it me or do the obsessed handful of crappers get more illiterate by the week?

  4. Mark, please give us 800- 900hp, more engine competition and chassis competition like the old days. If you can give us this, they will flock by the millions. Oh and no nascar gimmicks either. thanks from a loyal indycar fan.

  5. It makes sense for the series economically to finish in Indy. The uniqueness of having one race a year at IMS vanished long ago, I’m just pleased they aren’t interested in another Indycar race around the oval. I think a race on the infield track is an idea worth discussing but they’ll have to come up with some big ideas to actually make it work for the fans who attend. And make it a great event for the city also.

  6. Dear TroyM and RacerX…keep up the good work and give the Defender all that he can handle as this series continues to decline into an abyss of red ink, miniscule TV ratings and general irrelevance…and when the series folds or becomes a NASCAR Friday feature (days only, of course, before the trucks run on Friday nights), we can all thank TG and his failed vision, you remember, 24/8 and bringing his hammer to work everyday, IMS breathes money everyday, for staring the destructive Open Wheel War and killing Indy Car racing in America….
    Editor’s Note: Does your endorsement include being an advocate of scatalogical ‘humor,’ illiteracy and second grade behavior over a boycott that occurred nearly 20 years ago? You folks have bigger problems. LOL

    1. Dear Defender: Every day that us dedicated and faithful Indy Car fans are faced with the decline of our beloved sport and continued fears regarding the very survival of American Open Wheel Racing, all caused by the failure of TG’s vision, his hubris and his arrogance as the head of the IRL, I will continue to curse and decry the manner in which TG ruined our favorite pastime.

      No amount of time will erase the pain and anguish that he needlessly caused through his reckless course of conduct and his abysmal leadership at the helm of the IRL. Perhaps you have forgotten the crowds at IMS for practice sessions leading up to the 500, the excitement and drama of Pole and Bump Days where dozens of entrants vied for the 33 available slots….now we have a full field at the beginning of the season filled with marginally talented drivers who have no connection or recognition with the American public.

      Shame on you TG and I, along with thousands of loyal Indy Car fans across the country, will never forgive you.
      Editor’s Note: With all due respect that sentiment is the all time dumbest line of thought ever encountered in the entire history of sports. I guess it’s easy to still blame Tony George for the abject stupidity of others. You guys ever heard of a mirror? Perhaps you should use one once in a while. All Tony did was start a small complementary series. The egos of long term mutineers could not handle it, so in the process of destroying themselves, twice, they also managed to almost kill the entire sport. I enjoyed the product then and I enjoy it now. I also enjoyed it during the 60s and 70s too. Look…the whole world has changed in fundamental ways over the past 17 years. Why not enjoy it? The sport is not going to die because of Tony George or IMS. It’s probably not going to die period. But it will ever be what the Tony George criticizing idiots think it should be. It never really was. So enjoy it. It’s worth it.

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