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May 26, 2013

That Was Way Too Fast! Another Magnificent Indy 500 In The Books…

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Observations about the 97th running:

The Winner-The race was, again, a thing of beauty. Lots of dicing and lead changes, great performances by multiple teams and the most popular winner in a generation.

-The fastest Indy 500 in history was finished before most of the alcohol-centric consumers had a chance to begin slurring their words and stumbling over fans in the stands to pee every 8 minutes.

-Carlos Munoz in 2nd place? Amazing. Simply amazing. After watching him run all month my prediction was that he would be the first or second guy to stuff it in the wall due largely to his unusual line around the track. I was wrong. Kid is pretty good.

-Team Ganassi got it wrong. A sick Charlie Kimball and Ryan Briscoe finished ahead of the thoroughbreds. Allmendinger showed the way much of the day for Team Penske.

-How does Justin Wilson keep getting good results at the 500?

-Takuma spun but did not win, but kept it on the lead lap.

-Way to go Ana. She’s a race car driver.

-ESPN on ABC showed improvements in some areas but for the most part remained fingernails on the chalkboard annoying.

-The Verizon mobile app was crapped out most of the day.

-The pomp and ceremony brings tears to my eyes every single year, but the current Belskus-inspired philosophy of not spending any money for anything at any time is beginning to bring the institution down. Also the policy of sectioning aspects of the pre-race to not interfere with ABC commercial breaks pisses those in attendance off. Plus, the PA system at key moments was screwed up for the third year in a row.

-Sandi Patty doing the national anthem? Are you f^$#ing kidding me? How many panes of glass broke during that disjointed rendering? She is no celebrity. She is a religious music singer. But, she is a Hoosier and more than likely did it for free.

-I love Jim Nabors as much as the next guy, but as long as traditions are being allowed to slip let’s work on his replacement. Straight No Chaser works for me.

-Breath of fresh air: No off key warbling of GBA by aunt Flo. Let’s make that permanent as well.

-Jim Harbaugh behind the wheel of the pace car? If IMS people had any meaningful cognizance of the tradition they are supposed to be upholding the no-brainer choice would have been Parnelli Jones on the 50th anniversary of his win. But Harbaugh probably didn’t cost anything either. Way to endear yourselves to Colts fans.

-Do we know who waved the green flag?

-Why was there no last row party?

Pissed Off Fans-The current trend of scaring the living sh!t out of people in public places over the remote chance some nutjob may bring an explosive backpack has probably alienated enough new casual fans to discourage their future attendance after the idiotic display of overreaction at a limited number of open gates. Lack of any meaningful organization or staffing had a high percentage of the crowd standing outside the gates for the start of the race. The only thing IMS really does well is continually shoot its own appendages off. The combination of keeping tens of thousands of fans waiting for hours in pointless lines OUTSIDE then raising ticket prices for next year makes IMS management among the most clueless, stupid people ever to walk on earth. Perhaps they are working toward a more manageable crowd size through alienation of anyone who arrives into the vicinity after 9. Idiots. Every year these people figure out brand new ways to alienate what fans they have left. That level of stupidity is staggering.

Bottom line: I thoroughly enjoyed the majority of my experiences at the track this month. Still wish it was longer. My hat is tipped to the drivers and teams who put on another whale of a show. They were exempt from the abject stupidity that was occurring all around them.



  1. I rarely take issue with much that you say, but this time I will take to task your opinion of Sandi Patty. IMO, her rendition of the National Anthem is second only to Whitney Houston’s at the ’91 Super Bowl. True, because she is a Christian artist, she does not have the national “pub” of a Stephen Tyler or a Julianne Hough, but he butchered the Anthem and, as a singer, well, Ms. Hough is a good dancer. About the only artist who has not tried to make the Anthem into their own vocal gymnastics display was Martina McBride (last year,) and I personally have been lobbying for the return of Ms. Patty since the late 90’s when last she appeared at 16th and Georgetown. (On a more humorous note, consider yourself lucky you got the “short” version; she has one posted on YouTube that runs out to about 5 minutes.)

    Comment by SkipinSC — May 27, 2013 @ 1:21 am | Reply

  2. I arrived at the gate at 25th and Georgetown and was through the gate in 15-20 minutes. I understand other gates took much longer to get through. Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance. More security…get there sooner.

    Comment by Sheepdog6 — May 27, 2013 @ 2:31 pm | Reply

  3. Think John Mellencamp would replace Nabors? Nah, didn’t think so, either.

    Comment by spreadoption — May 29, 2013 @ 4:55 am | Reply

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