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August 13, 2013

Needed For Long Term IndyCar Fans: A Good Place to Hang Out!

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You know what might be really enjoyable for racing fans from time to time? A website that features primarily IndyCar/open wheel news and viewpoints along with a message forum that is moderated coherently with even tempered intelligence by actual adults. There are a smattering of small such niche sites, blogs and the like (and plenty that cater only to a niche; e.g., NASCAR, F-1, etc.), but nothing IndyCar-centric that is focused and truly mainstream. If some aspiring young (or old) webmaster would ever decide to give it a serious go he/she would have my full support, along with that of several long term IndyCar enthusiasts. It might even enhance the relative popularity of the sport.

TF moderationSome might ask ‘what about TrackForum?’ I suppose they could fit the bill if their management and ownership transformed to something more balanced and professional both in approach and presentation. Unfortunately they blew it some time ago. Collectively they lack the integrity, character and objectivity necessary to pull it off successfully long term. It takes objective patience and courage to deal with people who offer mostly anonymous commentary and/or trolling on the Internet, particularly where IndyCar is concerned. There are some really obsessed nutjobs out there (one look at my own comment section proves that), and in general such anonymity afflicts commentary in all forms regardless of the topic throughout the Internet. Trackforum ran off most of its original contributors and insiders that made it pretty cool in its nascent stages either through banishment or the sheer repulsion of former contributors who simply got frustrated and left. That is a shame. And a waste. It is mostly the result of sub-standard moderation. Management there remains mostly oblivious to being the butt of jokes that result from their actions.

warrior-forum-moderator1It is easy to understand any natural tendency to dismiss such criticism as merely the reaction of some bitter former contributor given the bum’s rush. You might consider objectivity when forming such an opinion. Since that particular site was launched many have spent more time away from it than on it. Racing fans would rather spend free time at tracks with other like-minded racing fans. Since that cannot be done year round the necessity of a quality gathering place on the Internet is obvious. What none of us need is just another ordinary intellectually dishonest site whose moderation is capricious, random and arbitrary. It needs to be run like a true racing melting pot, not some grade school clique that features various cutesy named dungeons to send contributors deemed unworthy. Topic variants that involve the exact same family of racing should never be segregated. Above all, moderation should never be directly affected by menstrual cycles, menopause, mood swings, obsessive compulsive disorder, lunar cycles or any of the other inconsistencies that plague that site almost every day.

This is all probably a pie in the sky notion, but for some enterprising web entrepreneur this could be a great opportunity to fill a hole in the marketplace. In the meantime, we will see you at the track. Sadly, the only one left we have booked this year is Fontana, although Baltimore is tentative and looking more promising by the day.


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  1. Indy-car is becoming more and more marginalized because that is what happens in the free-market in America.
    Everyone else has to play by the rules and when there are no rules or the rules keep changing, the general American public responds. NASCAR has a model and they have a schedule that is dependable and the players and Team Owners actually give back genuinely to their constituents. It is called American Business Loyalty.

    Indy-car is like watching a pass time for the suddenly new millionaires of days gone by. It is a great tax-write off for those guys, as they claim their many losses and so forth but that is hardly real auto-sports. Formula one is the standard for open wheel racing after all.
    The IMS has their own plans as do each of the team owners and it just isn’t a good American business model. No focus on true sport-racing just making money in strange ways, or perhaps losing money is actually more profitable in such an environment . Who is making the money and where are the great investments?If anyone actually studied the actual model it would be a nightmare. The drivers take all the risk and apparently don’t make much money as the story goes. Imagining that the IMS just wants to recoup all of the money they lost and they want something that makes them look good. Also the movie “Turbo” has been given the bums rush and now looks silly as the true racing premier ” Rush” is being showcased. Another brilliant strategy or is that just another Indycar blooper?

    Who would run your blog? One of the five or so bloggers left from Roy Hobbs’ Pagaoda? Too Hilarious.

    Comment by Mourningcall — August 21, 2013 @ 8:27 pm | Reply

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