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August 15, 2013

Additional Free Consulting for IMS/IndyCar

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Why the Fuck NotHere is an out of the box suggestion for IndyCar: Offer series naming rights, charge a hefty fee and turn management and operation of the entire series over to the sponsoring entity. The ideal choice: Red Bull. They know how to effectively manage and market action sports entities. They have had a lot of practice and have perfected it.

Think about it. It’s the best of both worlds. IMS still owns it but people who know what they are doing actually run it. All that would be needed is a configuration framework:

-20 annual events, minimum.

-A strict 50/50 balance of oval to non-oval. Ideal schedule would contain 10 ovals (3-4 2+ miles, 3-4 small ovals of 1 mile or less, and intermediates), 5 natural terrain road courses and 5 temporary circuits.

-A schedule that never allows 14 days to pass between events except in May.

-A schedule that never conflicts with football season and avoids head to head with NASCAR.

-Open the specs a little more.

-Work toward higher speeds.

-Make the ladder work and enforce the same 50/50 venue balance despite Dan Anderson’s proclamation that he’s moving away from ovals. That is not acceptable.

Youthful Brainwashed IdiotCan you imagine how great things might be if the series was marketed coherently? The sport has enough to overcome and is never helped when clueless youth such as Alexander Rossi begin spouting off on topics about which they are completely ignorant. In an interview on some F1 blog this week he proclaimed not to be interested in IndyCar because of the ovals. Fine. Lots of good twisty pilots are too afraid of ovals to drive on them. Not everyone can be a complete racing driver. Rossi says if IndyCar was roads and streets only he might consider it. No thanks. Stick to F1. It needs a good American driver. Scott Speed turned out not to be any sort of savior after all.

Here is where I began laughing out loud: “Rossi admitted ‘I haven’t followed [IndyCar] that much since it split.’ Oh? Does that mean you followed it religiously before your FOURTH birthday when you were 1, 2 and 3? LOL.

“For me in the late nineties growing up I watched Champ Car and for me that was the best championship that there was, for me it was even better than F1. But when they split it ruined it and they lost a lot of fans and people got confused and then it just kind of slid.” Jesus H. Christ on a pony. In the late nineties you were under TEN years old, and the ‘split’ happened when you were FOUR. That kind of disingenuous horseshit drives me nuts. Wonder what bitter older person he copied that line of crap from?

Unfortunately, that type of nonsense is part of the transformation of IndyCar into something that has NEVER been successful. The method I have suggested of stemming this dangerous tide is one way to make it work.



  1. You make too much sense, Disciple.

    Comment by spreadoption — August 15, 2013 @ 1:24 pm | Reply

  2. Like your suggestions. Indycar should not be afraid of the NFL. Run a few races in the fall. But if need be run them on Saturday.

    F1 is worse than watching paint dry. Or like watching soccer. Or harness racing.

    Comment by Bob F. — August 15, 2013 @ 2:40 pm | Reply

  3. You won’t make it work until it gets burned to the ground. The powers that be will see to that. When it is nothing but charred ash…then you will get what you want and then the fans and the racers will return. Your thought are correct but you have too many road blocks (owners&management) in the way. I say….”got a match”?
    Editor’s Note: I have way too much respect for the history of the sport to vandalize it simply because it is not evolving in the way I think it should. I will just keep fighting the good fight.

    Comment by oldwrench — August 16, 2013 @ 2:36 am | Reply

    • I respect the history of the sport, just not in its present format. Nowhere in its history have we ever had “parity” or a level playing field. Innovation, talent and sheer guts is what made this sport great. I respect your passion immensely. We need more willing to fight for the what once was and not what we presently have.

      Comment by oldwrench — August 17, 2013 @ 1:06 am | Reply

  4. Did you know Red Bull owns a racing series in Europe called the Red Bull Rookies Cup (a motorcycle training series, used to be in US too). Overall it’s an interesting idea but I don’t know how I would feel about Red Bull managing the series. If they could be the title sponsor that would be very good. Even a team would be nice.

    Comment by dylanpt24 — August 16, 2013 @ 4:33 pm | Reply

  5. Lol. What wood u say to Red Balls in this proposition that wood result n aything but LOL x 10000000?
    Editor’s Note: Well howdy J.C.! Off the meds again? Here’s what I would say: You would automatically have the most rabid fans in the world who remain obsessed with every little nuance and know the history of the sport (or at least a mighty twisted, whacko version of it) even better than Donald Davidson; a rabid bunch who consume that particular product by the gallon, usually with some form of alcohol added. Your quaint little group should be ecstatic with such an idea. After all, who can operate an action sport more effectively….Red Bull or IMS? Think about it. Sometimes you kids don’t even know what you’re making fun of. Hoist another one.

    Comment by Youowemeabeerasshole — August 19, 2013 @ 9:51 pm | Reply

    • I get that, Mr. obvious. And while Red Bull is an awesome marketing machine, why in hells half acre would they even remotely want to pick up this dump of a series. They are dominating F1, have their shirts on the top kids in every action sport – akiers, skaters, riders, jumpers, rollers, whatever. Tell me exactly WHY they would get involved in this “phase” of IRL/indycar? Show your work. 🙂
      Editor’s Note: Not saying they would. They would have to be sold on the idea. If I, however, take the word of the obsessed crappers as gospel then I must assume IndyCar is the smallest of small niches. And if that is true then I accurately look at many of the of the action sports Red Bull has picked up and made huge then I must assume IndyCar would be a perfect fit.

      Comment by Youowemeabeerasshole — August 20, 2013 @ 12:34 am | Reply

      • But they are action sports that had NEVER been big. IndyCar is sort like “been there, done that”….But let me know how your meeting with Diter goes. LOL.
        Editor’s Note: I doubt it will ever as big as it was when I started going in the 1960s, but at least it could be relevant with the right branding.

        Comment by youowemeabeerasshole — August 20, 2013 @ 2:02 pm

    • why did you delete my reply?
      Editor’s Note: Some of us are not as influenced by lunar cycles, alcohol or nocturnal prowling and have lives. In many cases where crappers are concerned I have to mine comments from the spam folder due to misspelling, bad grammar and cuss words. Not to mention the sheer volume of those from the obsessed. So keep your pants on.

      Comment by youowemeabeerasshole — August 20, 2013 @ 1:42 am | Reply

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