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November 3, 2013

Wistful IndyCar Nostalgia 1970s Style

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Antares 2Two weeks ago at Fontana something really cool happened (other than the great IndyCar action) on the track and in the far garages. There were a bunch of meticulously restored IndyCars that covered most of the history of the sport. They had, among many others, the 7th place finishing car in the first 500 in 1911 as well as the 1961 Cooper Climax that changed everything at Indy. For history buffs these cars were gorgeous.

The most interesting single car I saw was not really anything special from a statistical standpoint. It was one of three Antares from 1972; specifically the #14 driven by Roger McCluskey. It did not set the track on fire either. It qualified 30th and finished 24th. What made it interesting was not its borderline ignominious performance, its only-a-mother-could-love looks, or its common Offy powerplant. The Antares was fascinating, at least at the time, because it was the first formula car ever designed on a computer.

Antares 1My actual point is much deeper than nostalgia over an ugly Indy Car. One of the thrills experienced through the 1970s was innovation that led to higher speeds. In that single decade FORTY-FIVE different chassis hit the track in Indy Car. In most years the venues were 100% oval, and that began to change toward the end of the decade. Pole speeds increased from 170 in 1970 to 192 in 1980, and Tom Sneva officially busted through 200 late in the decade.

Many fans like to point out what they feel is missing from Indy Car today. For many it is the spirit of innovation that led to new designs and high speeds despite a tug of war with management to keep it all under control, mostly with futility.

The leadership of IndyCar today seems to have completely forgotten many of the aspects that made the sport compelling in the ‘old days.’ We appreciate Dallara in a number of ways such as building competitive, safe, fast cars and their efforts in revitalizing Speedway are commendable. It is also certain they will build a nice next generation Lights car. The problem is it is ONLY Dallara. That is a problem that can be very easily solved.



  1. So, basically, you really don’t like the present day IRL/IndyCar. LMAO.
    Editor’s Note: Wrong again. I do like it…close competitive racing at a variety of tracks, and I actually spend money to attend events. The point you are missing is that they could attract more than us die-hards if they added meaningful innovation to the equation.

    Gee, who is to blame for that? I thought that when Lord Sagamore, Tony George, your mentor, savior and all around hero, finally killed CART (twice) that everything was going to be fixed.
    Editor’s Note: Blame for what? That I enjoy the sport? Look, (insert crude name for Tony George here)’s IRL was not meant to compete with cart. What actually killed cart, twice, was cart’s own arrogance and ego. Is that not obvious by the staggering level of both obsession and ignorance of the handful of people who still hold it up as the gold standard? Do you know how easy it would have been for those supposed geniuses to stomp out the IRL like a cockroach in days had they chosen to use their brains? LOL. What Anton did in the end was rescue the sport from itself.

    You know, multiple chasis and engine manufacturers, lots of SuperSpeedways, no crappy street races, and thank God they would get rid of them Foreigner F1 rejects like JPMontoya…didn’t quite work out that way now did it. Tsk. Tsk.
    Editor’s Note: Not quite. But then again, he’s not involved any more. Lots of those who rode cart to the bottom are, however.

    C’mon Super D, its going to be alright. Just close up the blog, admit the sport has failed and move on to something really exciting – like Pro Bowling!
    Editor’s Note: I got over bowling in high school. I am involved with a group trying to make Pro Inline Hockey a bigger sport than it is, and that is fun. Also hold a partial ownership stake in a minor league baseball club. That’s fun too. I will say the sport has failed when it actually does. Not according to declarations of the cutesy li’l children of the cart, but instead of actual reality. But keep on reading!

    Comment by youowemeabeerasshole — November 4, 2013 @ 7:57 pm | Reply

    • You DO get it! ” Lots of those who rode CART to the bottom are still involved in the sport”….. well no shit! Those asswholes are now runnning YOUR beloved IRL! So why in Gods name are you even following it anymore?
      Editor’s Note: I have followed the sport in person since 1959. Why would I stop? Bandwagon jumpers are usually hypocrites. I have seen the sport evolve more times than you visit liquor stores. The single most stupid act obsessed critics here have ever made is refusing to budge from 1995. It’s a big world and the sport is bigger than the stupidity of those in it.

      Who is left from IRL Vision Version 1.0? Foyt?
      Editor’s Note: The same that is left from the Offy era. Or the front engine era. Or the coup d’etat era that began in ’79. Such distinctions really only matter to the children of the cart.

      The only owner with any integrity in any of this was Uncle Gerry Forsythe. He told everyone GFYS when he saw the demise of CART. He wasnt going over to the dark side.
      Editor’s Note: The sport is far better off without the most fringe of the lunatics like Forsythe. To anyone with actual brains, objectivity and observational power Forsythe did far greater damage to the sport in general than Tony George. Good riddance.

      But still, the point is, you are following a sport that is all that you hated in 1996, when what REALLY died was the IRL. Think about it.
      Editor’s Note: You are attempting to think for me again. I did not hate the sport in 1996. I did not hate cart. I watched and attended as many races as I do now. My disdain for cart was not developed until they waltzed down the stupid path when Tony created the IRL. They could have just as easily either co-existed or wiped out the IRL in minutes. But no. They, led by idiots like Forsythe, chose the most stupid possible approach. That is when they forfeited their right to exist.

      Those owners dont give a crap about what you want or think should happen to the sport. They wont run speedways because the crapwagons sustain too much damage when they wreck. Not to mention the cars that seem to fly into the grater every 10 races or so. These are millionaires and billionaires who wipe their butts with your ticket money. They don’t care about Defender, they don’t care about Turn13, and they sure as hell dont care about me or the rest of the degenrate road racing fans at smackwagon. Its obvious that you are really blined by this reality. Wake up, D, the IRL and your brand of racing are done. Welcome to bilionaire spec racing on shitty street courses.
      Editor’s Note: You special brand of alcohol-induced pessimism aside you actually make some valid points. It’s just that your approach (vulgar, 4th grade, children of the cart, most stupid acts possible) differs from mine (adult, positive, influential, etc.). Is it not time you tried a different approach? The cute little crusade upon which you and your little pals have engaged have made your kind a laughingstock for eighteen years. Grow up.

      Comment by Youowemeabeerasshole — November 5, 2013 @ 1:36 am | Reply

      • Forsythe did more damage than Tony? LMFAO….do gell how that is even remotely true.
        Editor’s Note: Your synapses really don’t fire all that well do they? Forsythe took the most stupid, counterproductive actions possible after Tony announced the IRL. Instead of merely killing the IRL in a matter of minutes, which was well inside his power and ability, he chose to be, in the parlance of the children of the cart, willfully butthurt. Over the course of his abject stupidity he managed to A) Kill cart. B) Kill champcar. C) Damage the sport to stroke his own ego. His legacy is not great owner. It is blight borne of selfish arrogance. We still have to deal with a number of cart-centric arseholes today, but the fact one of the biggest is self exiled is a giant plus. Thankfully his interests in the sport are as dead as Stefan Johansson’s karting center.

        No one is left from IRL, but many are from CART……fact!
        Editor’s Note: Yeah….that’s how evolution works. I also don’t see many Offenhauser engines any more. Fact! LOL.

        Evolution is not always good. If you think it is, you are wrong. And we are talking about woefully regressive evolution, like a single crapwagon and myriad shitty street ourses.
        Editor’s Note: Well you said it yourself. There is very little of the IRL left and cart folks are running the show. So what do you expect? LOL.

        As to the last paragraph, you do agree. So when there is no sensible retort, you trot out the same busslhit name calling and attack the poster. Face it D, I am right and you know it. We all know it. Talk about “Laughingstocks”
        Editor’s Note: I believe the posters allow their own obsessive, repetitive, borderline illiterate meanderings to speak for themselves. Any adult with a brain can spot that sort of willful retardation from miles away.

        “Here come the mummies”…..could be a good IRL sponsor…LOL.
        Editor’s Note: I would not call them a good sponsor, but the family likes bringing them in to entertain the folks on pole day.

        Comment by Youowemeabeerasshole — November 5, 2013 @ 11:55 am

    • (Snip)Additional obsessed, vulgar, profane, paranoia-filled, barely literate cries for help by one of the children of the cart(/Snip)

      Comment by Deep Throat — November 5, 2013 @ 6:15 am | Reply

  2. (Snip)Additional obsessed, vulgar, profane, paranoia-filled, barely literate cries for help by one of the children of the cart(/Snip)

    Comment by Racingdentist — November 5, 2013 @ 6:53 am | Reply

  3. Dude, it’s Spicoli and that bunch over at dumbshitforum posting the vile crap on your board. I am pretty sure Spicles is Youowemeabeerasshole.
    Editor’s Note: Aw man….ya think!?

    Comment by Snoop Lion — November 5, 2013 @ 1:06 pm | Reply

    • Vile? What’s VILE about anything I posted. Show it, Mark it, Prove it.
      Editor’s Note: What’s that word you kids like to use….terminally butthurt? LOL. Stop being so defensive and concentrate on the topic. Almost anything your little klatch attempts to write is vile.

      Comment by youowemeabeerasshole — November 5, 2013 @ 2:08 pm | Reply

      • Again, nothing posted is Vile you smarmy twit.
        Editor’s Note: Examples of vile for the thought impaired: 1) Fourth grade level name calling, such as ‘smarmy twit.’ 2) Personal insults, again like a fourth grader, such as ‘…now go fuck yourself and your shitty street racing leege.’

        Now go f*ck yourself and your shitty street racing leege.
        Editor’s Note: See what I mean?

        Comment by youowemeabeerasshole — November 5, 2013 @ 6:39 pm

  4. jesus christ, welch. enough already. get a life.

    Comment by uncle gerry — November 5, 2013 @ 10:42 pm | Reply

    • (Snip)Additional barely literate, WAAYYYYY off topic cries for help by one of the children of the cart(/Snip)

      Comment by youowemeabeerasshole — November 6, 2013 @ 1:56 am | Reply

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