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November 15, 2013

So Long IndyCar Champ!

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Two topics today:

So Long ChampFirst, Dario Franchitti. It is sad to see the guy retire, particularly given the circumstances. He is articulate and a great spokesperson for the series and the sport. Personally he was never one of my favorites and if nothing else it was sweet when someone like an Ed Carpenter would beat him. That said, Dario was fearless and tackled all challenges head on. He had the guts to excel on any type of course and was a complete driver. For that he has my respect.

He was also one of the few drivers with a reputation of his own despite being married to the actress and being an in-law in the Judd family. The only thing that consistently rubbed me the wrong way about him was the way he ran his mouth about things he did not like, such as 1.5 mile ovals. Unfortunately that is what happens when road racers currently usurping complete control of IndyCar impose their whims.

Still, Dario was afraid of nothing on the track. That is admirable. He is what a race driver should be. A great career path for him would be to get onto television. If he replaced Scott Goodyear at ABC the listenability of those broadcasts would increase exponentially. He probably has his pick of gigs.

Special EdSecond topic: Ringers.  Ed Carpenter announced he was stepping out of the cockpit on the roads and streets and giving the seat to Mike Conway, who does really well on them. On the one hand it is a smart move for Ed as an owner. The really creepy part of it as a fan is the notion that IndyCar will now officially have specialty drivers for certain types of courses and that blows the claim that IndyCar drivers are the most versatile right out of the water. Unless IndyCar officially creates an oval division and a non-oval decision that come together once a year in May and/or for the 500 milers (which would be a GREAT move if the current leadership was not as blind and stupid as they often appear from a common sense standpoint) this sets a sleazy precedent. I want drivers who are unafraid and talented enough to tackle the complete variety of circuits, not just the ones they are good at. The sport would be far more compelling with a bunch of Darios than a bunch of Conways.

Two things many fans are not looking forward to in 2014: No Dario and oval-timid road course ringers.



  1. Another IRL short track ace that can’t compete with the cart faction in the feeble iZod-less Indycar Series. Ed should organize a splinter oval series group to take back the speedway before these cart heathens win everything. Oooops, my bad. They already have won everything. Never mind.
    Editor’s Note: Despite your classless, borderline illiterate, completely pointless, fourth grade level, failed attempt at a point, you have essentially reinforced one of the primary blog points that sailed completely over your insolent head. But what else is new. Most of the road racers to which you kneel remain pussy-scared where ovals are concerned. That’s why we need more Darios.

    Comment by Goron Liddy — November 17, 2013 @ 1:43 pm | Reply

    • You know, I’m not surprised when people that have barely broken the speed limit in their 2001 Toyota Corollas get all “keyboard brave” and disparage drivers (oval or road racers) for their perceived lack of courage or ability, but when you (disciple) do it, it shows the rest of us that you’re no better.

      I’d have thought that as someone who at least claims to be involved in the sport, and claims to be so knowledgable about it, would take the opportunity to point out that ANYONE that suits up and straps in has courage and faith in their abilities far beyond those of us that only spectate. But you didn’t, you stooped to a level of insult and name calling that rivals the most ignorant of any poster here, and implied that road racers have less courage than the oval track heros you love.

      How sad.

      Comment by skeptical1 — February 25, 2014 @ 1:06 pm | Reply

  2. I’ll certainly miss Dario; he was probably the most visible and viable driver in the series, in spite of teammate Dixon’s accomplishments. IndyCar doesn’t have many household names anymore, but Dario Franchitti is who people could come up with if the series was mentioned. And ya know what? If drivers are going to be selective in what kind of races they compete in, they shouldn’t be given any points, just the prize money, the way NASCAR Cup drivers do when they compete in the Nationwide series. If they don’t like that, tough.

    Comment by DOUG — November 18, 2013 @ 6:16 pm | Reply

  3. Would be lying if I said I was a Derwood fan. But I am sorry to see him have to retire because of injury. I hope his health returns and he can enjoy a long and healthy retirement. And be the last Team Ganassi Indy 500 Winner. Ever.

    Comment by Bob F. — November 18, 2013 @ 10:27 pm | Reply

  4. Ed must be scared of road and street courses. Scared of failing and scared of losing his business because of his own inept abilities as a driver. What a joke.
    Editor’s Note: So that must mean you also believe Mike Conway is scared of ovals because of his own inept abilities as a driver. Which also must be a joke. I see you have still not fully evolved.

    Comment by Goron Liddy — November 19, 2013 @ 1:09 pm | Reply

  5. No. Mike Conway knows his chances of getting killed in an Indycar oval race are quite high. And, he can race for Ed because Ed sucks at real racing. Maintaining the Indycar welfare system is more important than individual wins and championships. Taking the kid’s shillings and pence equates nothing but ride buying anyway. Dario always got paid.
    Editor’s Note: I see you advocate and propagate the ‘dick’ approach typical of many obsessed road racing enthusiasts with the maturity levels of fourth graders. Would it be too much to ask that the handful of you squatting in such comment sections to grow up just a little before you start typing? Seriously…what are you so afraid of?

    Comment by Goron Liddy — November 19, 2013 @ 6:03 pm | Reply

  6. “Another IRL short track ace that can’t compete with the cart faction in the feeble iZod-less Indycar Series.”

    You mean, “Mike Conway, another road course ace w/o the nads to compete with the oval faction.”

    “Mike Conway knows his chances of getting killed in an Indycar oval race are quite high. And, he can race for Ed because Ed sucks at real racing.”

    Is that because Conway knows he’s not good enough as a driver to compete at high speeds on an oval, or is it he’s afraid to drive on an oval, much like an 85-year-old woman? The fact is, Mike sucks at real racing, which is oval racing — wheel-to-wheel, high speed, plenty-of-passing racing — and prefers the safer, low-speed, yawn-creating, freight-train road racing.

    Comment by spreadoption — November 29, 2013 @ 1:00 am | Reply

    • Hey, spreadyourasscheeks-I’m sure your right, he’s afraid to drive on ovals, you know, “real racing”.

      Are you a total as@$hole, or do you just play one on a blog site comments page? Road racing isn’t real racing? Why don’t you “strap in”, like I have, and try to go flat through the Diving Turn, at Lime Rock Park. Watch that short runoff area and guardrail get even closer when the back “steps out”. Or how about lining yourself up for the blind entrance into the Corkscrew at Laguna?

      Hey, ever try a top level shifter kart? Go down the back straight at Oakland Valley, and have to brake hard for the 180 at the end, with the trees and barriers not far enough away.

      Yes, the ovals, “real racing”, where you shift, brake, turn RIGHT and Left. NOT!

      Maybe his concerns for his safety are due to the expertise of the Indycar safety team, as evidenced by this example:

      Or maybe he still thinks about how easily his Dallara went airborne into the fence at Indy?

      In any case, ANYBODY that gets into a racecar and drives it hard, be it on a roadcourse, oval, short track, or rally stage etc isn’t someone an assclown keyboard jockey like yourself has ANY business questioning their courage.


      Comment by skeptical1 — February 25, 2014 @ 12:39 pm | Reply

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