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January 30, 2014

IndyCar Fans Awaiting Blooms on Trees and Gentlemen Starting Engines

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Many racing fans have grown weary of sub-freezing temperatures over a winter that has gone on far too long. Panic has set in. One of the Indy obsessed Mensa-level contributors from squeakforum, off kilter, wagon yankers or one of those other delinquent hate sites is fully blown, as depicted in the video:

The cure? IndyCars on the track.

God damnPredictably, there are hurdles. For a few weeks the eyes of racing fans have been assaulted by the release of mostly hideous function over form Formula 1 machines. The elitist crowd that fervently supports that discipline might be well advised to stop running their arrogant yaps once and for all about how ugly they believe the DW12 is because anyone who does that now will look more foolish Ugly 3that they do already. The Antares is sleek compared to the mostly ghastly new machines. The word ‘fugly’ does not go nearly far enough.

Once racing season gets here the road racers currently running the show at IMS have made extra sure, by God, not to have ANY ovals until Indy, and just for good measure they have installed a F1 Ugly 1road race at Indy in May just to add certainty. Don’t worry. There are five more ovals scattered around the schedule after May.

Oh, and by the way, your bronze badges will not get you into the road race. And it costs 25% more this year. Meantime, the IMS physical plant continues, literally, falling apart in many places. But hey, the 13 year old road course is completely refurbished. The rest of the 105 year old track will just have to wait I guess.

Normally we might see events being promoted or marketed, especially since Mr. Miles whooped it up before the first of the year about the Ford and NASCAR pedigreed VPs they hired to lead such things. But no. The only news out of the joint recently are those of people who have been there a long time but are now leaving.  Perhaps the new VPs, now months into their gigs, are trying a new approach. I am not convinced, however, that total silence is the way to go.

But enough of the negativity borne of cabin fever. Let’s get some IndyCars on the track. The ‘unified’ sports car shindig at Daytona did not do it for me.


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  1. For once, I’d like to see the Indy 500 finish under GREEN. The last FOUR ‘500’s–count ’em–have all finished under the yellow, usually because of some screw-up on the very last lap. Also ALL of Dario Franchitti’s victories have been under caution, as it has his friends, Dan Wheldon and Tony Kanaan. Maybe there’s something to NASCAR’s having a green/white checker sort of arrangement. It may be contrived, but at least it’s a more exciting finish.

    Comment by DOUG — February 4, 2014 @ 2:57 pm | Reply

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