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June 21, 2014

IndyCar Needs to Make Its Own Luck

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WTFIndyCar management is often derided for making decisions that defy logic, sometimes correctly but often due to lack of recognition of whatever the bigger picture may be. This particular instance of lack of vision and foresight seems egregious.

The sweetest of sweet spots of any summertime IndyCar schedule is the month of June. Why? Both hockey and basketball playoffs are wrapped up. The NFL is completely dormant. Baseball is in its mid-season period of ‘blah’ before end of season pennant battles materialize. Other than the occasional World Cup hoopla there is very little going on the sports world.

CalendarSo why on earth is there three-week hole in the IndyCar schedule dead center in the sweet spot? It does not make any sense. No gains in either attendance or ratings will materialize if there are no events. NASCAR and Formula 1 races. Why should IndyCar not? The Indianapolis 500 was absolutely great, and could have provided season-long momentum. Races immediately following Indy were compelling, but this three week, momentum-killing gap sticks out like a sore thumb.

Given the number of available venues it is unlikely ‘date conflicts’ are a factor. It is easy to understand why teams prefer a break, but the month of June should have none. Most sports with which IndyCar must share the stage are inactive at the moment. Why not take advantage?

When IndyCar finally gets back into action on the 28th it will be a street circuit in the summer heat of Houston, which will be incredibly uncomfortable for fans brave enough to attend. Any momentum built from the Indianapolis 500 will have been forgotten by most fans.

Future lesson: The heaviest and most exciting part of the IndyCar schedule going forward should be during the month of June. Instead of creating situations that enhance luck this part of the schedule is merely another self-inflicted gunshot wound to the foot. That remains frustrating.



  1. The decades long incompetence displayed by those running both the IMS and Indycar is responsible for the sharp decline of the sport and the 500. Taking most of June off is but one example of how out of touch they are, as is scheduling a race in Houston in the stifling summer heat. Their control of the sport continues to be the equivalent of giving bazookas to monkeys, with the chaos and laugh-a-minute hi jinks that ensues a surprise to no one.

    Comment by Bob Chinn — June 21, 2014 @ 7:13 pm | Reply

  2. yet the serees somehwo remains in buisness, wich is a good thing. the tits up stars n cars mothball series is still as dead as elvis. tell me how many years you retards predickted death for indy car and failed? i’d say about 19 in a row. keep it up shortbus riders.

    Comment by williebdrunk — June 22, 2014 @ 5:25 pm | Reply

  3. Its kind of nce watching Austria back n the schedule. Meanwhile, the IRL is on vacation,mDefender is pissd (again atnsomething else IRL/IMS related) and no one really cares. Inconsistencies, bad on track product, lying to fans, poor technology, bad marketing and an aging fanbase also seem to not help. Not. Might try turning on some soccer aBout 6pm tonight.
    Editor’s Note: No thanks. Road racing is boring enough without bringing soccer into the discussion. Frankly I would rather slide down a rusty 50-foot razor blade on my testicles than watch the World Cup. But I do not begrudge those who believe it’s the bee’s knees. I have also never been to any soccer site on the Internet to tell them how badly I believe their sport sucks.

    Comment by Youowemeabeerasshole — June 22, 2014 @ 8:15 pm | Reply

    • Ah, the drunk one replies. I wonder what ELECTED Marion County Officials are doing to curb the violence coming from across the street from the Coke Lot. One dead and lot’s of theft from what I read.

      Comment by MarionCountyVoter — June 22, 2014 @ 8:47 pm | Reply

      • To answer your question, that would be the mayor of Indy. He runs the police department, or are you too fucking stupid to figure that out? You could also second the Mayor of Speedway, but in reality, I don’t know the boundries of Speedway/Indianapolis. Defencer, the stupid runs depp with IRL fans. LOL.

        Comment by Youowemeabeerasshole — June 23, 2014 @ 12:02 am

      • ya marian county voter. part of that problem is the marian countey judges releasng the violent monkeys back on the street. thees are the people who are voted into office. they must be f*#@ed in tha head, plee bargining with attornees of thees nuckle draggers and marryin drunk loud mouths.

        Comment by williebdrunk — June 23, 2014 @ 11:07 am

      • You got it all figured out dont you. Lol. Not all judges are elected. Not all judges hear criminal cases. Not all people who vote have a brain. Love the tough guy behind the internet routine. Must be a trackforum basement dweller. Stay classy.
        Editor’s Note: Uh, kids…can we steer the commentary back around to the blog topic and confine it to that?

        Comment by Youowemeabeerasshole — June 23, 2014 @ 2:07 pm

    • Sure thang D. Btw, World Cup USA match brought in 10 million viewers last night. How does that compare to the Indy 500? I think its more, right?
      Editor’s Note: Correct. A lot more. That is what happens when you A) air on network in prime time away from a holiday and B) have broadcasting partners that promote your existence. Maybe IndyCar should tell its partners that road racing has a cult-like following outside this country just like soccer then see whether they kneel in front of IndyCar, unzip its pants and swallow what they find whole (juvenile metaphor used to match the intellectual and maturity levels of many members of this audience).

      Comment by Youowemeabeerasshole — June 23, 2014 @ 6:33 pm | Reply

      • Ok, thanks. I know I can always count on you for the truth! 🙂

        Comment by Youowemeabeerasshole — June 23, 2014 @ 9:54 pm

  4. One thing for sure. Running the next weekend after the Indy 500 at the road course in Michigan followed by this layoff killed any momentum the series might have had coming out of that great race on Memorial Day weekend.

    Comment by Bob F. — June 23, 2014 @ 1:08 pm | Reply

  5. “Btw, World Cup USA match brought in 10 million viewers last night. How does that compare to the Indy 500? I think its more, right?”

    Sign No. 1,001 that Americans are getting dumber by the day. They’ll watch anything on television that is held once every four years and fits the American vs. The World script. See World Cup, women’s gymnastics, figure skating, etc. Up next, World Cup Crapping. Watch the USA’s best shitters drop deuces against Belgium. A ratings hit in the making.

    Comment by spreadoption — June 24, 2014 @ 2:05 am | Reply

    • And what are reasons 1-1000? The fact that ANYBODY watches the crap that passes for IndyCar these days? Think all of us “haters” are wrong? Go read the most recent Gordon Kirby column- his interview with Al Unser Sr. A FOUR TIME INDY 500 WINNER. MULTIPLE SERIES TITLES. Try to tell us all that he’s a CART syncophant. Read what he has to say- about the cars, the racing, the ratings, etc. Then come back and tell us all that we, and he, are wrong. World Cup crapping? Already here. Just ask Al.
      Editor’s Note: Feedback from a fan who was around when Al got started. First of all, Gordon Kirby remains one of the bitter, hostile cart-era lackeys/ex-employees who will always find a way to portray today’s IndyCar in a bad light because in his simple-minded way of thinking Tony George ‘ruined’ it all. History has already passed judgement on such folks and the verdict is unanimous. We are dealing with brutally impaired idiots. Al’s opinions, however, have merit. So do a lot of others. I do not know of too many people who enjoy spec racing with most of the variables removed. That’s not the issue. Given the state of the sport, at least according to the doomsayers who squat in comment sections like this, folks are always full of ideas but not practical solutions such as ‘who pays?’ No one seems capable of providing a path better than what is already there.

      Comment by Olderfan — June 24, 2014 @ 2:00 pm | Reply

      • Nice try at diversion. The interview was WITH AL SR. And the opinions expressed were AL SENIORS, NOT GORDON KIRBYS. More than you, I or anyone else here, I’d tend to listen to Al’s opinion. And since YOUR reading and comprehension skills appear to be more lacking than anyone you moan about, I’ll ask you to re – read the interview. Al Sr. gives some pretty specific thoughts on what it’s going to take to bring this part of motorsports back to life. Ignore his opinion at your own peril; that seems to be a character trait of yours.
        Editor’s Note: Diversion my ass. Learn how to comprehend what you think you read. Kirby successfully positioned Al, Sr. as a bonafide crapper, complete with soundbites. I do not doubt Al is all for more innovation, inclusion and variety. Every fan I know is. I also know from talking with Al myself that he would not express himself in the manner positioned by Kirby. He would be a lot more professional. So keep gulping up nonsense and crapping it out the other end. I would expect nothing else.

        Comment by Olderfan — June 24, 2014 @ 11:33 pm

      • Gordon Kirby made Al, Sr. say those things?
        Editor’s Note: Did not say that. Did imply Kirby was in charge of the way the words were framed. I would also like to know what things were said that did not get published. But go and overreact like a chagrined little girl. It is what we have come to expect.

        Perhaps you should actually pay attention to the message of a four time Indy winner who clearly said the product is poor. But what does he know as opposed to an internet website aficionado? Poor attendance, ratings and sponsorship all have a cause, and this is it. Try to listen and learn.
        Editor’s Note: Big Al’s words would have a lot more credibility and weight if they were published in something other than Kirby’s website. That is obvious to actual racing fans.

        Comment by Bob Chinn — June 25, 2014 @ 12:51 pm

    • Yet they get upset over furriners in the 500…………..go figure.
      Editor’s Note: What is a ‘furriner?’ Who is upset? If you are attempting one of those crapper-like epithets and you actually mean ‘foreigners’ then count me out. I really enjoy the diversity IndyCar has.

      Comment by Jack The Jackman — June 24, 2014 @ 8:39 pm | Reply

      • Nah, it just seems some of the same people will watch a stick and ball sport with lot’s of foreign names but go ape if a foreigners run in their racing series.
        Editor’s Note: Not me. I believe the sport is enhanced with international players. Still happy when an American does well, though.

        Comment by Jack The Jackman — June 25, 2014 @ 4:06 pm

  6. Ouch. That’s going to leave a mark.

    Comment by Skeptical1 — June 24, 2014 @ 7:44 pm | Reply

  7. Diversion is all it is, it’s all you ever have. Think Al Sr. is so stupid as to be led “off the cliff” by someone who (according to you) has no credibility? Think again.
    Editor’s Note: I’ll slow down for your benefit. I believe Al, Sr. is not stupid. I believe anything he says has merit. I would just like to hear ALL he has to say in an unframed manner. Al, Sr.’s words couched inside a Gordon Kirby Internet column is not that. Al was around well before cart was, and that long term experience makes him worth respecting and listening to. That said, the fact that Kirby wrote the piece destroys its credibility with actual racing fans who are respectful of actual history. Kirby remains a blight to the sport.

    I’ve got no problem with comprehension, thank you very much. The real problem is YOUR inability to actually sit back and take an objective look at the whole picture. Everyone’s a “squatter” when they don’t shower the product (Indycar) with wine and roses. Als no fool, and I seriously doubt he can be so easily misled. You just don’t like the message. Deal with it.
    Editor’s Note: The interpretation above is all the proof anyone needs that your comprehension skills are sub-par. Perhaps you missed the part where I agreed that the sport needs more diversity, promotion and variety.

    Comment by Olderfan — June 25, 2014 @ 12:19 pm | Reply

  8. On another note: if Gordon Kirby is so corrupt, biased, Un objective and unprofessional, then tell us HOW IN THE WORLD has he written for major motorsports and automotive magazines for over 40 YEARS. Written more books than you’ve probably ever read, ran a race team, and had the Skip Barber School and Players employ him in their driver search programs. He’s well known throughout the motorsports world, and if he was that much of a “hack” I doubt he’d have had the career and resume that he has.
    Editor’s Note: Key word: HAS. At one time he had credibility. He was also a cart employee and chose the boycott route. Like a handful of other flat-earthed malcontents who are averse to mirrors and stupidly believe ‘Tony ruined everything’ he chose not to evolve with the rest of the world but instead to plant his feet firmly in the last century and continually spout off about how much better he thought it was then, providing absolutely nothing positive or constructive since. That is as juvenile and unprofessional as it gets. And if he is as impressive as his resume why is he reduced to writing essentially the same piece over and over on some cheesy website?

    As opposed to you, the “Disciple” whose claim to fame is that of Indy Superfan, and apologist for the Terre Haute version of the Clampetts. You’re a jealous little troll, whose page clicks are from all of us that need to be reminded that there are “special” people that we need to take pity on.
    Editor’s Note: Actually, I am a model racing fan. I have enthusiastically attended, supported and promoted the sport every year since 1959 while going from a child to a borderline senior citizen, all while balancing careers, marriage, child raising and the like. I enjoyed the roadster era, the rear engine revolution, the first mutiny in 1979, the birth of the IRL, and everything between and after. In other words, IndyCar is my thing, and I also watch most other variations of the sport with enthusiasm. The one thing that has remained constant in IndyCar is inept management. That has never affected my enjoyment of the purity of the sport. You should learn lessons from fans like me.

    Comment by Olderfan — June 25, 2014 @ 12:49 pm | Reply

    • You can’t even put together a sentence that makes sense. HAS?
      Editor’s Note: Looks like I need to dumb it down even more. ‘Has’ as in past tense. Like ‘has-been.’ In other words, and as slow as I can go, he once was notable in his chosen field but is now a bitter, yelping has been with very little credibility except among like minded sycophants with equally jaded views.

      In other words, he HAS a resume that you’d give your right arm for.
      Editor’s Note: No, actually. I wouldn’t. My resume in my chosen field is impeccable, and I have spent the duration of my career evolving with technology, society and business. I have never once decided to stop at one particular point in my career, firmly plant my feet and noggin, refuse to budge, then spend twenty years pissing and moaning about how great it used to be. That would be stupid. So no thanks on the resume jealousy. As usual, you are way off base on that one.

      You probably meant HAD. He still writes for several motorsports related publications, and many of his books are amongst the best of their type in the relatively narrow field of motorsports literature. His website is cheesy? What do you call yours then? Again, you’re a jealous little troll, and your recounting of your personal history of”fandom” tells us all we need to know about your thought process.
      Editor’s Note: I have a WordPress page on which I blog. Because I actually have a life and a career, it is the most convenient way for me to express my opinion. I make no pretense, don’t interview people, and generally shoot off the cuff about issues important to me as a lifelong fan. Whether anyone likes it, agrees or disagrees or ignores it is of little concern. I get to express my thoughts and once in a while someone comes along that is able to interact with intelligence and maturity. I like that part. Kirby remains a bitter has-been who has shat upon his own once great reputation. That’s what happens when emotions are allowed to dominate brains. Again….jealousy? Laughable.

      Indycar management is inept? Geez, what a news flash. Tell us something we DIDN’T know. The only time the indycar management wasn’t inept was during the first 20 years of your despised CART era. Disfunctional? Yep, at times. Filled with greed and stupidity? A yes on that, too. ( gee sounds like the Hulman George clan, save for Tony Hulman) But mixed in with all of that was the basis for what was the only time in the last 50 to 60 years that US open wheel racing got noticed, outside of the annual Hoosier love fest. A sport controlled by the OWNERS, most of whom weren’t winners of a DNA lottery, but who built successful businesses. The ones who PAID THE BILLS.They are the years, and the people you hate most. When Indy was a big part of a WHOLE sport, not the ONLY part. What a surprise. Keep telling yourself, and us, that you’re objective. We all need a good laugh.
      Editor’s Note: Actual historic facts: Those successful business owners who took advantage of a plane crash had a really nice run. I watched and supported. But in the end they let their emotions and ego do the thinking and killed themselves. Twice. Fact. IMS, despite their widely recognized ineptness, has managed to stick around regardless of the situation. So who is actually better qualified? And almost all of the self immolating owners came crawling back despite the loss of control. Hmmmm.

      Comment by Olderfan — June 25, 2014 @ 1:49 pm | Reply

      • More delusion. The plane crash that the owners “took advantage” of only hastened the eventual outcome; the owners, who were paying virtually all of the freight, did what the owners of EVERY OTHER MAJOR SPORT IN USA HAVE DONE. They organized, controlled, and operated the sport. Their mistake? NOT getting an equivalent of Bernie Eccelstone to manage the day to day and year to year affairs. We’ve all seen what such a person did for the F1 series. And even if recent years haven’t seemed quite as vital, it remains BY FAR the most commercially successful form of racing on the planet.
        Editor’s Note: So you espouse sneaky, underhanded, ethically bereft, probably illegal activity from a ‘czar’ who enriches his own pockets just as much as the fortunes of his league? They tried it on their own but they failed. Twice. And each time with leadership thought to be the bees knees. Common denominator for the litany of owner controlled CEOs? Abject failure. F-1 is popular outside the country, although less so today using television ratings and attendance as barometers, but IndyCar still beats it domestically, as it always has. Speaking of corrupt czar-like ownership, that FIFA organization is another sterling example. So what you seem to be saying is that in order for IndyCar to survive criminals must be put in charge.

        And please, let’s disabuse yourself of the thought of how successful IMS has been. It went bankrupt and was resuscitated by the singular genius and will of Tony Hulman. And until relatively recently staged 1 event per year. So we’re now coming up to the 100th running of the 500. Great deal. 100 races. For those of you out there that can count, that’s little more than 6 YEARS worth of races as run by those awful owners. Who “had a really nice run”- your words – and then tacked on another 14 plus years of exciting, world class racing.
        Editor’s Note: No one who is an actual fan disputes the merits of the product cart put on the track. But it’s gone. We need to evolve. Through better or worse. The world in 2014 is fundamentally different that the world of the early 90s.

        Sorry, but your assertion that IMS is better run isn’t quite so clear cut. Especially considering the state of the facility, and the fact that other than Tony Hulman, none of the current clan seems to have much ability to do other than careen from one screwed up idea to another. While living off the inheritance of a singular visionary genius in Mr Hulman.
        Editor’s Note: The current regime seems to have the respect of folks who matter. I prefer to keep enjoying the racing as evolution unfolds, as it always has.

        Comment by Olderfan — June 25, 2014 @ 3:11 pm

  9. Sounds like, Disciple, you have a successor to TroyM. Swell.

    Comment by DOUG — June 25, 2014 @ 3:16 pm | Reply

    • (Off topic commentary relocated to comment section of 12/19/13 blog)

      Comment by Olderfan — June 25, 2014 @ 5:36 pm | Reply

      • (Off topic commentary relocated to comment section of 12/19/13 blog)

        Comment by Olderfan — June 25, 2014 @ 6:54 pm

  10. Again, Big Al’s words carry considerable weight and influence because of who he is and as a result of his contributions to the sport. Dismissing them because they were contained in a Kirby article is a petty and non-sensical shoot-the-messenger, knee jerk reaction to very legitimate commentary. Fans of the sport understand fully what Unser was saying and wish the series leadership would recognize and act upon his recommendations. Sadly, they likely will not.
    Editor’s Note: As previously stated, the sentiments of big Al are noteworthy, but only in neutral context. Selected snippets framed inside a Gordon Kirby piece is not that. As someone who has discussed this very topic with Al, his points are valid can be made without the hyperbole framed by Kirby, who lost the majority of his credibility a long time ago due primarily to intellectual dishonesty.

    Comment by Bob Chinn — June 25, 2014 @ 5:36 pm | Reply

    • Only in your mind you fool. For everyone else Gordon Kirby is an accomplished and respected writer.
      Editor’s Note: You are making generalized assumptions based on the prejudice of a handful of cart fans that refuse to budge from the previous century, and you look foolish in the process. Gordon Kirby WAS an accomplished and respected writer. He is presently a bitter, grudge holding hack who has allowed his ego to determine the course of his brain. I prefer living in my life in 2014 and wish he would too. Perhaps that is why he has been relegated to a web page.

      Your wet dream is that he would be derided; I can assure you that people REALLY in this business know and respect him. As oppossed to your pathetic existence, which no one outside of your basement acknowledges.
      Editor’s Note: Glad to see he has support. Most of the rest of the planet does not seem to notice him. Why? Because most have decided 2014 is a pretty swell place to dwell as well. Glad you are in a happy place. Too bad your internet demeanor does not reflect it.

      Comment by Olderfan — June 25, 2014 @ 6:58 pm | Reply

  11. No, you fool. I mean, geez how effing stupid are you? I espoused business savvy, smart, tough leadership, which is what Eccelstone brought to the feudal state that was F1. Is he an ethical angel? Probably not. Find a top executive that doesn’t have a few less than stellar moments in their career. And until he’s found guilty of anything your allegations sound weak. And if he’s guilty, CVC will have him gone by days end. That DOESN’T erase all that his leadership has accomplished.
    Editor’s Note: So you espouse the practices of self-enrichment, ethical misbehavior, extortion and the like for the sake of building a series? Why am I unsurprised?

    But- you were Ok with the coke head running the Speedway? Or the saga/ sordid little tales of the patron saints of IMS: the George family. What stellar citizens these.
    Editor’s Note: Uh, Tony does not run the show any more. He hasn’t for years. There have been two CEOs since. Thank goodness he never dressed up like a Nazi and bull-whipped hookers.

    And the failure of CART leadership to survive comes down to the machinations of men such as Penske and Ganassi; just ask Randy Bernard how well that worked out for him ( and the IRL/INDYCAR).
    Editor’s Note: I tend to look at cart failures more pragmatically. In any event the basic facts remain: Without Indy they amounted only to failure.

    And FIFA? Wow, talk about an off topic reference. Who gives a shit about FIFA! You should move your own response to the Idiot Repository.
    Editor’s Note: (Slowing down again) Used as a reference for ethically questionable leadership.

    And wow, another surprise: F1, which generally airs at 8 AM on the east coast, 5 AM on the west coast, is beaten ( but not by much) by programming that airs in the heart of a Sunday afternoon, or at times in PRIME TIME! Who’d a thunk it? Lets not discuss the viewship overseas; oh, thats right, indycar doesnt really have any! And which motorsport gets better treatment by their network? And what does that tell you about how the two are valued? Oh, and by the way, wasn’t it YOU that claimed that the TV ratings don’t mean all that much? Or was that just another of your “B.S lines of the day”.
    Editor’s Note: For years I have been asking fundamental questions of the Internet Television Executives. One of the biggies is how much total advertising is sold based on 12+ overnights. No one has ever answered other than with combative nonsense diversion. Essentially the only real value 12+ overnights have is genital waving among children. Actual ratings (the data that is paid for) means a lot, but not in the linear fashion the ITEs have deluded themselves into accepting, mostly based on sheer ignorance. Again, hardly surprising in the Internet comment section reply world.

    You’re an in denial tool; as long as there is an IMS, indycar will exist, due to the need for, at least once a year, for the family to feed at the cash trough that is the 500. If they have to race forklifts there, they will. So, thankfully for you there will probably be something for you to watch.
    Editor’s Note: If they were to ever start racing forklifts I might raise a ruckus like the younguns around here. But until then I will continue to enjoy the racing.

    Comment by Olderfan — June 25, 2014 @ 6:53 pm | Reply

  12. Let me get this straight: you compare Indy car TV ratings to Formula One to show that Indy car gets better ratings, thus validating the use of such numbers.
    Editor’s Note: Yes. 12+ overnight estimates in the USA are generally better than F-1. No one argues that. I also base my observation on use of actual numbers that agencies and networks pay for, demographic breakouts, etc., available to those in my business. In other words, I am not speaking from a position of abject ignorance.

    But when someone else uses IndyCars low ratings and compares them to programming that generates a higher rating you claim that the overnights have no worth, and little value, and don’t really mean much. ( insert ITE and genital waving reference here)
    Editor’s Note: Here is the difference (slowing down again). The basis for discussion/taunting/appendage waving among most ITEs is 12+ overnight estimates because that is all that is released without having to pay for actual breakouts. 12+ overnights are not used in the commerce of the business. And the aforementioned ITEs are completely ignorant about anything beyond 12+ overnights. When one is actively engaged in such commerce daily it is gratuitously easy to poke fun and chortle at those who believe they know it all but are way off base.

    Got it. And you’ve got the nerve to call other people retarded?
    Editor’s Note: Remedial reading comprehension reminder…I did not call anyone retarded. I observed that perhaps I was not retarded enough to understand the still whacko connection some are attempting between IndyCar and soccer. I know English can be vague and filled with subtleties, but you seem able to pound out words fairly reliably so I retain hope.

    Comment by Olderfan — June 25, 2014 @ 7:37 pm | Reply

    • (Off topic commentary relocated to comment section of 12/19/13 blog)

      Comment by Olderfan — June 25, 2014 @ 8:13 pm | Reply

      • (Off topic commentary relocated to comment section of 12/19/13 blog)

        Comment by Olderfan — June 25, 2014 @ 10:37 pm

  13. No one who knows the first thing about television ratings uses 12+ overnights for anything other than macho! tough guy exercises. Advertisers and media types are dismissive of them, as any knowledgable industry person understands.
    Editor’s Note: ‘Macho tough guy exercises?’ Probably not. Genital waving? Yes. And advertisers and media types are not dismissive of them; they simply do not acknowledge them as anything other than frivolous or amusing. They are not used in the commerce of the business. People in media do not spend much time thinking about them because in terms of commerce they are meaningless. Oh, and you forgot the second ‘e’ in the word ‘knowledgeable.’ Glad to assist your learning processes.

    Comment by Bob Chinn — June 25, 2014 @ 10:30 pm | Reply

    • (Off topic commentary relocated to comment section of 12/19/13 blog)

      Comment by Bob Chinn — June 25, 2014 @ 11:34 pm | Reply

      • (Off topic commentary relocated to comment section of 12/19/13 blog)

        Comment by Bob Chinn — June 26, 2014 @ 2:43 am

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