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February 17, 2015

Gentlemen, Start Your Lawsuits. In the Matter of Driscoll Vs. Busch….

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Heterosexual men, when all is said and done, will always be completely controlled by the gender that totes vaginas and lactation-capable mammary glands. Women have begun wielding their power. In some ways good for them. Many have way more common sense than their male counterparts. Others, unfortunately, are batsh!t crazy. Most men are unable to tell the difference until it is far too late.

PatriciaRemember that alleged motor home tiff between Patricia Driscoll and Kurt Busch? Evidently the judge didn’t buy the trained assassin line and instead opted for the batting eyebrows and quivering lips. He issued a no-contact/no gun order against ‘ol Kurt. We all know he is a bit of a hot head, particularly when provoked. Realistically if Kurt wants the woman out of his life this ruling is a start.

The best way to completely wrap up this tawdry adventure is for NASCAR to proactively ban Patricia Driscoll from any and all of their events. The Armed Forces Foundation can find someone else to represent their fine organization at NASCAR events.

I do have a problem with Busch not being able to possess guns or ammo, however. It is not blondie about whom he must worry unless she really is a trained assassin with a crazy streak, particularly in those challenging You Bitchdays prior to her, uh, cycle. In fairness no one has actually proven she kills people occasionally and we definitely do not know whether she Jeckyll & Hydes prior to the monthly dripping. Further, it is none of our business. That said there are a lot of undiagnosed mental patients running loose out there (for proof merely check the comment section of my 12/19/13 blog) and people of fame need a way to protect themselves. It seems odd that Busch is not charged with a crime yet is forced to give up a constitutional right.

Next step: a local complaint resolution in Delaware. No one knows what will happen.

Predictably, comment sections related to the ruling on the Internet attracted simpletons without much spelling, grammar or Formula 1 Fantact agility. That was one of themes of yesterday’s blog. It is tedious wading through all the uses of female-derisive words that begin primarily with the letters ‘B’ and ‘C.’ The most entertaining exchange occurred when some guy named Bradley opined that Internet comments “…are just dripping with misogynistic vitriol. It’s not even a difference of opinion thing: a court concluded, after days of testimony from witnesses under oath and gathering all the facts, that the assault likely occurred and this guy has mental issues. You’re basing your ‘conclusion’ on the fact that he has a dick. And that makes you a dick. Thanks guys, for confirming that NASCAR fan-boys are a bunch of sexist yahoos.” Predictably, some guy named Tony piped in with a rant against the person making the observation instead of the topic itself: “…And you are a dick GOBBLER sir… And yes, I know what misogyny is, and your use of the word shows where your lame ass head is. By the way, I’m a F1fan…” That, my friends, is obvious. Generally speaking references to graphic male homosexual acts and proclaiming fan loyalty to Formula 1 in the same sentence seem to go hand in hand. Or, whatever in hand.

Mrs GordonPeople will always be titillated by soap opera. When soap operas occur at race tracks the lowest common denominator fans become ecstatic. This is not the first time a dysfunctional couple will embarrass themselves at tracks and it will not be the last. Who can forget Jeff Gordon’s ex? She had him parroting Jesus-this and man-upstairs-that before that union ended, albeit costing him many millions of dollars. She still seems pathological. A few years ago she became impregnated by the seed of another man but wanted to keep her ex-husband’s last name for the kid. Fortunately for Jeff he got wise and hooked up with a European model who is old enough to have also developed a brain. Perhaps they could link Kurt up with one of her friends. We need the entertainment.

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