IndyCar Expands Its Wisconsin Presence

Wet DreamDuring the past week Road America was announced as the latest addition to the IndyCar schedule. The event will take place about one month after Indy the weekend of June 24. On the surface this is a good thing. It adds a legacy natural terrain road circuit known for its hospitality and has caused widespread glee among the IndyCar enthusiast faction that prefers that type of track activity.

The management has even openly discussed some sort of package plan with the legendary oval at Milwaukee. That particular situation became more complicated with news the principals involved in Andretti Sports Marketing are suing Michael and the parent organization after the top brass got let go. This follows litigation involving what turned out to be a fiasco in New Orleans. If Milwaukee is to return (and we all hope it does) it will no doubt be promoted by MoneyGrabanother entity.

As bits and pieces of the 2016 schedule are trickled out there is newfound enthusiasm for yet another street circuit in Boston. The IndyCar visions of creating a new Long Beach must be tempered by the reality that odds are stacked against it. A new Baltimore is far more likely.

All the while quality short ovals in geographically underserved markets just sit there. Gateway. Memphis. Richmond. That list is long. I would be very curious to see what kind of deal was struck with Road America, and why whatever model they crafted could not be used for ovals.

It is the hope of many that this year will not be the last for Pocono. That is my next stop. Can’t wait!

6 replies to “IndyCar Expands Its Wisconsin Presence

  1. It’s all about support races. I read and heard that Mid-Ohio had lots, but I also read and heard that Milwaukee had few.

    1. ” Series is turning into Formula F. That’s F for Failure.”

      Got some news for you: that’s what it’s been since 1996. Without steady cash injections from the family funds it would have died long ago. Every leader except Miles has confirmed the financial losses-Miles doesn’t actually say anything.
      It hasn’t turned into formula failure. It’s ALWAYS been Formula Failure

  2. There seems to be some optimism that Road America and Milwaukee can be marketed together as apparently was done in the past. Whatever happens, Milwaukee has to remain on the schedule. Such a legendary and historic oval has to be there. Indy has to hold on to the other ovals they are racing at as well while adding more. We should know soon if they will.

  3. Speaking of marketing together, if Detroit is a must, then MIS should be added too. While they’re at it, make Milwaukee, Road America and Chicagoland a package deal.

  4. Another oval gone: Fontana won’t be back. Brilliant move, IndyCar. Track hosts the greatest race … ever … and gets dropped from the 2016 schedule.

    Might as well go to all road and street courses and call the series Formula D. That’s D for dead.

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