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December 30, 2015

Happy New Year…and Happy Birthday Tony George

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Youthful AntonHappy birthday to Tony George, grandson of the late great Tony Hulman. 1959 was the birth year for young Anton and was the year I first set foot inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Unfortunately any mention of Tony George in just about any context these days inevitably draws willfully retarded people out of their mothers’ basements with Tourette-like ‘FTGs’ as primary epithets. Generally that is the extent of the thought patterns of such embarrassing ‘fans.’ Some of the slightly more educated of that ilk also spin history to fit their prejudices without much if any regard for facts.  Both general groups continue fighting a civil war they actually began themselves twenty years earlier. The ‘split’ was merely an expansion of class genital waving that began in the early 1960s.  Crowing about how great they believed things were remains as foolish now as it did in the late 1990s.

Many of my friends have asked why the blogs are not more frequent lately. The primary reason is actual daytime job related. It has been extremely busy at work the past few months. A secondary reason is that many of us legacy fans are simply less interested in an evolution back toward what those mentioned above have convinced themselves they had twenty years ago. Until those running the series actually begin to understand how to run the series fantasizing about becoming more mainstream will remain unattainable.

The schedule for 2016 is 70% non-oval. Despite unleashing the single most exciting oval race of the past three decades the braintrust decided Fontana is expendable. They cite the weakest of excuses: Television windows. Fontana is not alone. Milwaukee, the kind of ovals even squatting road racers enjoy, is also gone. Perceived problems at both venues are rooted largely in woefully inconsistent dartboard-like scheduling. IndyCar management continues to ignore the importance of date equity in building events. Phoenix was re-added after many years and that is great but as long as two Cup races are run at that track there will only be so much local fans can afford. Boston still appears to be in the wet dream phase and has begun to smell like another Baltimore scheme. Obviously mistakes are not things from which to derive learning.

Instead of attending 6 to 8 events again this year my group may be down to Indy and one other; probably Pocono. We shall see. What a shame.

I genuinely appreciate the effort and contributions to the sport Tony George has made through the years. Obviously he was unable to go far enough.


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