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January 17, 2016

Racing and Live Sports So Far in 2016

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What event has drawn sold out crowds daily, features a lot of big names in an extreme form of auto racing musical chairs, races on an oval, gets lots of press and even featured a viral video of a drunken cop slurring idiotic hate speech toward Tony Stewart? The same event IndyCar chose not to have anything to do with. The Chili Bowl is always a slice of real Americana but that connection eludes IMS.

Guess what else was sold out, held in New York City and broadcast nationally on CBS? Bull riding, a sport built from scratch by Randy Bernard. IndyCar had no use for him either.

The only form of the sport this year inducing inattention and yawns from John Q. Public is road racing.

Food for thought.

MidgetsOn another note certain to lead to a childish conniption episode or two from the handful of obsessed kids who stalk me around the internet I saw this blurb on the Chili Bowl site. I knew about Rico but the rest of those folks? And hey Chili Bowl, isn’t that less than politically correct?

What should they call the vehicles? How about ‘Little Cars?’ Or ‘Size Challenged Oval Propulsion Vehicles?’ Does not really have the same ring to it.

Racing is off to a rip roaring start (well, other than road racing).


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