About Defender

Defender is a native Hoosier and lifelong IndyCar fan.  Attendance at races of multiple disciplines several times every year is the norm. Personal background?  Retired media professional.  See you at the track!

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    1. (snip) Barely literate, off topic crapper-oriented nonsense from one of the six sub-humans still into that special brand of delinquency.(/snip)

    1. It appears dolan’s dump can’t survive without my witty, articulate son in it!

      Momma Defender

      1. funny defender, your gone, and dolan’s forums are still running. you have been reduced to blogging on a forum hardly anyone reads, to give yourself some semblance of importance. i only come out here to expose you for being the idiot you truly are.


        My gone? MY gone? What was the highest grade you made before dropping out? I am reduced to blogging on a forum hardly anyone reads? Judging by the number and quality of comments, I would tend to believe I am doing great, particularly when respondents are intelligent and mature enough to confine their commentary to subjects of automobile racing and not personal attacks.

  1. I will work to get you re-instated at Dolan’s. I will threaten to not let Howard come to the 2011 500

  2. What kind of place would the world be without Defender?? A one sided and quiet world of which I would not want to live in.

    1. a world without defender would mean more food available for the kids starving in africa. there would be less issues with the ozone layer and global warming, as less hot air and BS would be spent without defender.

      we could bury him on the moon, should be big enough to accomodate his rather large and frumpy carcass.

      have a nice day.

      Paul Ishmynob

  3. You are my favorite blogger, please forgive me for trying to get you ousted at Howie’s place. I’m only trying to suck up to him to maintain my status there as queen bee. I’m secretly in love with you, I believe our haunches would blend most tastily.

    Yours always,

    1. (snip) Barely literate, off topic crapper-oriented nonsense from one of the six sub-humans still into that special brand of delinquency.(/snip)

    1. (snip) Barely literate, off topic crapper-oriented nonsense from one of the six sub-humans still into that special brand of delinquency.(/snip)

  4. Though I was a dyed-in-the-wool CART fan and stockholder who loathed Anton George, his vision (which has changed) for his pet league, and the has-beens and wanna-bes who slowly pedaled cars in crash-fests, I live in the present and thus appreciate your weblog. Keep up the good work. Maybe you can garner some advertisers. Well, maybe not in this horrid economic climate.

  5. defender is a fine, upstanding &#$%)!@* of a $&@ man! even though his *$^# is @$#!&*, i still *$%# it and it fits in my $#&!

    Chris Paff

  6. You are the “Ronnie Mund” of the IRL blog world!
    I have a catch phrase you can use as well.

    “Let’s *#$@ some &%$*@#^!

    Editor’s Note: Relevance?

    1. Ronnie Mund a.k.a. “RickyMan” is a top limo driver in the biz. He’s all about girls he’s all about guys.
      He can be found at Rick’s Cabarets throughout the country or at Tootsy’s in Miami.
      He used to be known as “Scoresman 92.3”.
      If you have Sirius radio he can be heard on channels 100 or 101.
      “Let’s &#$@ some *^$#@&”!!!

      Editor’s Note: Nice. But, again….relevance?


    I just found your blog and will definitely bookmark to return. I have become a fan of Indy car over the last 6 years because I think it is a superior product and offers more competitive racing to NASCAR. I think you are mis-reading interest in the delta wing. It may look radical but that sometimes is what it takes to be innovative a get noticed. Look no further than the “car of tomorrow” that is an albatross to NASCAR. It was developed to save costs and looks as boring as a Toyota corolla. A unique window of opportunity could be opening for Indycar to get noticed and take NASCAR viewers with new designs, fuels, and materials. An open source car like the Delta wing could get people involved from walks of motorsports and engineering and create a new appreciation for Indy….. Let’s be BOLD. Plus – sex sells right?

  8. Love the Piece. Not surprising to see someone pounding the chest trying to convince themselves the “Oval” Model was so Awesome. A series can not survive on 10-11 races a year. It requires other income. The Early years of IRL were Smoke n Mirrors as the fact remained it was mostly Financed by the series itself “TG”. Oval racing is a Fantastic format and let’s hope more Fans go to the ones that r on the schedule. But Facts r it will take sometime for more Ovals to come back to Balance it out.

    Gotta Luv Racing


  9. How come you got removed from Trackforum, DolanForum and Smacked?
    Editor’s Note: Darned if I know. What is ‘Smacked?’

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