Bubba The Love Sponge: Not A Danica Enthusiast

The Love Sponge

Former Hoosier Bubba The Love Sponge, a guy who worked a long time ago at WPFR in Terre Haute, Indiana long after my own brief period at that quaint little FM station, had his consistently entertaining show on Sirius Tuesday afternoon. He winds people up with the very best of them. He is a huge racing enthusiast and participant as well, although his migration southward and long term love of NASCAR means ‘Bubba’ is a very accurate air name.

Is She Stuck to The Seat?

Today one of his targets was Danica Patrick, who wound up 6th in her inaugural fendered event at Daytona and caused Speed TV’s ARCA ratings to go up by nearly 60%. Bouyed by this achievement, The Earnhardt folks are pushing her into a Grand National car next (surprise) to mix it up with a slightly more advanced group of competitors.

Bubba is of the opinion that Danica is in over her head and is basically a publicity stunt so that NASCAR can stem a rising tide of lower ratings, crowds and sponsorship. He expressed those feelings in far more colorful terms than I can manage. He also explained the undercurrent of similar feelings among many of the good ‘ol boys, including folks like Boogity who are not really allowed to step out of their script boxes on the blower when discussing the Go Daddy girl and her relative lack of knowledge about the intricacies of ‘stock’ car racing, where the driver is the onboard computer relaying data.


My opinion is that marketing folks all over NASCAR land have been having wet dreams since this past weekend over potential millions that can be made. Her star power kept Indy Car afloat until cart owners finally took their heads out of their behinds and ended the Indy boycott, which gave the Robin Millers of the world something else to write about besides Danica and how much they hated Tony George. All NASCAR can see are cash register drawers opening and young fans pouring lots of loot into them.

Some Random Guy With a Mullet

If Danica does well in the Grand National event the genie will be all the way out of the bottle. She will kiss her ‘winning the Indy 500’ aspirations goodbye. I miss the days when Indy Car drivers really would treat ‘stock’ cars like a hobby and A.J. or Mario would go win Daytona then resume their Indy Car seasons. Danica is no A.J. or Mario, but she needs to stay in Indy Car for a couple of more seasons.

Daytona evidently needs all the help it can get this year. Tickets are plentiful and cheaper than they have been in years, and they started dropping hotel prices in that area as well. ISC’s previous Nazi-like prohibitions against things like coolers with beer in them are now lifted. Bubba had the president of the speedway on, and he is colorful as well.

If Danica stays, she will no doubt have a new car to drive. A big red cloak is set to be pulled off the Delta Wing concept car, a design favored by Indy Car owners. It has been called revolutionary, as opposed to merely evolutionary. As long as it allows good close racing and dicing on the track it is OK by me.

5 replies to “Bubba The Love Sponge: Not A Danica Enthusiast

  1. the delta wing is gonna revolutionize indycar. i always thought that if you could line up 3 space shuttles; say the discovery, the endeavour and the atlantis, and have a semi low altitude launch, engine discharge and same day return flight to earth, millions of people would tune into to watch. Sponsorships and revenue would be excessive. Publicity would be never before known. You say it’s crazy, right? well guess what? people say the delta wing is crazy. my point is that it can work and it all starts with an idea. the delta wing is the kind of forward thinking we need. i am participating in a video skype conference today as part of the unveiling. it will be exciting, to say the least. if you want to see a real, actual car of tomorrow, then this is it. not some cookie cutter, matchbox regurgitation of all things past, as nascar tried to shove down our collective throats acouple year back. if we can cut lose the boat anchor of forward thinking, barnhart, then we can move forward. barnhart has our boots suction-stuck in a quagmire of failure. I, for one, choose to remove the boots to save the body. see ya boots barnhart. that suction sound we hear is your career dissappearing under the surface of progress. thanks for everything you did, but when it was all said and done, you held us back. you cost tony george his position, he relied on you. we trusted you. and what do we have today? a nine year old under performing spec car. Ummmmmm. No Thanks anymore Brian. No Thanks.

    Some Guys Mullet

    Editor’s Note: In addition to contributing as yet another entity, I would also like to congratulate you for actually staying on topic. If you are in any way involved in the Delta Wing project I can be assured Indy Car fans will enjoy next generation Dallaras and perhaps new Swifts and Lolas for years to come. The Delta Wing folks had best figure out a way to prevent themselves from making the same mistakes that have put them out of business twice in the past if they want their deal to roll.

  2. It will take more than a decent run in the Daytona NationBusch race to solidify Danica’s path in NASCAR. She has a long way to go, 12 races, and a lot can happen.

    With the tension that is building in the good old boy crowd, and NASCAR shifting the hype machine into overdrive, Danica may find her return to IndyCar this March a relief.

    Ratings for her debut were less than a Cup Race. Like her scenario with the Indy 500 in 2005 when the rating got up around 10 at one point, interest in Danica in NASCAR could fade as well. In other words since all the build up and prep work have been going on for over 6 months now, I feel this is where it peaks, NOW.

    If she does go to Cup and leaves IndyCar behind, the old guard of NASCAR fans and insiders will form a rift in NASCAR that might cause bad vibes in that organization. It looks like the negative waves are starting.

    In that part of the world, the woman belongs in the kitchen. Making a woman into a top-level stock car driver will be too much for many to accept down there.

  3. [QUOTE]In that part of the world, the woman belongs in the kitchen. Making a woman into a top-level stock car driver will be too much for many to accept down there.[/QUOTE]

    This ain’t your average woman, brother. Danica’s gonna show them that in her part of the world, the racing woman starts her business in the bedroom and finishes it in the boardroom. Somewhere along the way, there is a racetrack, or something similarly trivial.

    Look at the picture of our favorite little “talent” on Brother Defender’s front page. In Nascar, the only reason you would sit that way is because your ‘roids are acting up again and you’re uncomfortable. In DanicarLand, you sit that way because it makes every man think that you’re getting ready to slither on the next available gearshift because she absolutely has no control over those womanly desires. Inference is a mental process by which we reach a conclusion based on specific evidence. When Danica gets her sexy on, we conclude that she wants a sampling of our prodigious membership in her fan club. Danica’s definition of penetration is different than the average male’s definition. Her penetration is known as market penetration and in her world, she is the Pimp Go-Daddy Princess of Penetration.


    A-Mazing Marketing,LLC

    Editor’s Note: You sure are a busy boy this morning. I guess you are not boycotting the site over censorship after all.

  4. I sure hope the delta wing looks better than the picture I just saw. I’m hoping it’s a fake. the two front tires are thin and about 12 inches apart.. the fins on it are tall and it looks like the spirit of america.

    There’s no way this thing can take a hairpin turn. And furthermore, it looks like a toy from the 50’s.

    Sorry Chip, but if this is it, you need to get back to the drawing board fast….

    For those who think the current dallara is ugly…well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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